Kumpulan Iklan2 Dunia Yang SUPER Kreatif [1]

Monster.Com – Stuck in the wrong job

Terjebak dalam pekerjaan yang salah

Against Abuse Inc – More than 300,000 children are sexually abused in Germany every year.

Lebih dari 300.000 anak-anak mengalami pelecehan seksual di Jerman setiap tahun.

National Air Cargo

Animal Planet – Authentic wildlife documentaries


iklan ini mau nunjukin ampuhnya alarm jam seiko

Burger King

Lexus LX 570: Safety

World Aids Day

Vanish – Daddy, if mommy still doesn’t know of Vanish, you better wear this

Reef n Beef

Volkswagen – Relax while working

Obesity is Suicide

Dove – Unstick your style

Nintendo – GameBoy Advance

Small screen, small movie

World Heart Federation

Museum of Natural History Stuttgart

McDonald – Wake up with the premium roast coffee

National Geographic Channel

Career Junction – Put your skills to better use

Brandt – Don’t let smells mix

Mitsubishi Refrigerators – Keep them fresh, not miserable

Traveller Magazine – Discover a whole new world at your fingertips

Healthier Scotland

Nejma Sunflower Cooking Oil

Paws For A Cause

Braun – Why work when you can create?

KitKat – Have a break, Have a KitKat


Dunkin’ Donuts – America runs on Dunkin

NSW Police Force – Watch for cars when wearing headphones

WWF – Save your forests

ADESF – Stop consuming your body

Nih Tambahannya gan :

Nike – Just Do It

Orion Telescopes


Puma Shoes


Foot Odour?


Glassex Cleaner

Burger King

WWF – Don’t cut the rain forest!

Pepsi Recycling

Stop Second Hand Smoking

Pepsi Twist

Canon DiGiC

Canon DiGi


Heinz Hot Ketchup

Bingham McCutchen

Female Infanticide

Parking For Disabled


Hugo Boss


CAT – fly the train


NIVEA – Hair Care

We’re there for you!

Levi’s – Find your style!

Australia Post

WWF – Donate and save the world with few coins

Unicef – Every child needs a family


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