Binatang Alam yang aneh

1 Seapig:

This is some kind of weird deep sea sea-cucumber.



 2 Ajolote:

Not to be confused with the Axolotl (which comes later) this is an Ajolote, which is a freaky long retile found in Mexico with only two legs.



3 Aye-Aye:

looking like a hellspawn, the aye-aye is a native of Madagascar (where you find the cute lemurs).. it uses it's extremely long finger to tap out and find grubs burrowing in wood and then uses the same digit to dig them out...



 4 Chinese and Japanese Giant Salamander:

both grow up to about 2 metres long... are predators which eat fish and crustaceans..

Chinese Version

Japanese Version


5 Pygmy Jerboa

cute as hell, they're desert rodents which are found in north africa and asia.. see one of them hop around Jerboa.



6 Giant Isopod

looking like a giant roach or worse, they inhabit the deep atlantic and thankfully, not the beaches off the east coast..



 7 Thorny Devil Lizard:

resident of australia, it lives in the desert and eats ants.. the thorns prevent it from being eaten by other creatures



8 Hagfish



 9 ugly fish:

it's an ugly fish.. but what makes it more disgusting is the huge amounts of slime it can produce..



 10 Hairy Frog:

native to central africa... it's weirdness is.. that.. it's a frog.. with hair!! 'nuff said



12  Human-Faced Carp

some hobbyist in Korea cross-bred a couple of types of fish and this appeared..



 13 Sea Devil:

some kind of deep sea angler-fish with a huge expandable stomach... it has lots of hair-like things which may be used to attract its prey...



14 Proboscis Monkey:

the male of this species has this idiotic nose... but this doesn't help this Borneo native much as it's now considered critically endangered



 15 Goblin Shark:

looking like your worse deep sea nightmare, the goblin shark is real..



16  Purple Frog:

looking like The Blob of the frog family, this Indian frog lives underground most of its life... but it just looks... obese..



 17 Pygmy Marmoset

native of brazil, the marmoset is one of the smallest monkeys on the planet.. aren't the babies adorable?



 18 Sea Dragon

a type of seahorse, they look very pretty, yet freaky..



19 Tarsier:

insect-eating creatures with eyes bigger than its brain, the huge eyes are for nocturnal hunting... the eyes are so big the skull is the same size as each of the eyes.. living in south-east asia, they're also critically endangered



20 Axolotl

this weird creature is here because it can reach maturity without metamorphosis... and when it does, it turns into a salamander-like creature without the frilly gills.. they usually do not.. they can also regrow a complete new limb if they are injured..



 21 Angora Rabbit



 22 Blobfish:

a deep sea fish... which is.. blobbish...



23 Candiru:

the fabled "vampire fish" of the amazon... legends say it swims up the penis of unsuspecting victims and lodges itself inside!!



 24 Giant Soft-Shelled Turtle

growing up to about 2 metres, it's critically endangered...



 25 Dumbo Octopus:

a deep deep sea octopus.. cute isn't it?



26 Olm:

it's a blind amphibian found in the subterranian caves of southern europe.. looks kinda gross...



 Rosy-Lipped Batfish:

why is it wearing lipstick? ahahaha!! found in waters off costa rica, near the cocos island, it's one of the weirdest things around
[IMG]*ji23Kx*bFl nAbiA6OQAdxZm2sK1x7PAA8g9SGVvxdihBZTfvfJIKQjai/RosyLippedBatFish.jpg[/IMG]


 27 Saiga Antelope

okay.. i've put it here because it looks like Alf... but it is found around mongolia and the steppes region.. sadly, it's critically endangered..



28  Star-nosed mole

weird as heck, it uses the "fingers" of its nose to feel things... especially its earthworm prey.. found in North America



29 Turtle Frog

looks like an unholy union of frog and soft shelled turtle.. the turtle frog is found in southern part of western australia..



30 Weta:

found in new zealand, one of the biggest insects around.. it's classified under the genus Deinacrida.. which means.. Terrible Grasshopper... oh ya.. it bites.. and it's jaws are HUGE!!



 31 four-eyed turtle:



 32 Amazon horn frog



33  Vampire Squid:



34  Surinam toad:



35  Satanic Leaf Tail Gecko



 36 Mata mata:

the only turtle with a triangular shaped head n lots of characteristics similar to crocs



37  Pig nosed Turtle/Fly River Turtle/Pitted Shell Turtle

source : kaskus

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