Yeti figure recorded in Poland Successful

Yeti experts are now flocking to Poland after a local resident managed to record a "mysterious furry creature" when he was on vacation in the Tatra mountains. launch news, Monday (31 / 8) mentioned earlier there are rumors that there is a Yeti creature Poland in the region for centuries. But this time the creature was recognized successfully recorded.

Piotr Kowalski (27 years) from Warsaw, when it was a walk in the Tatra mountains, Poland at the time of his holiday when suddenly his eyes fixed on a mountain goat in one of the mountainside. As he began recording the scene around him, his attention fixed on the tall figure of a large hairy one out of the rocks.

"I saw an ape-like figure hiding behind a rock. When I saw him, my heart was beating fast. Actually, I do not believe the residents there stories about the man-like apes that inhabit the mountain. But after the experience, now I believe. "

The tape handed to the Foundation to be analyzed considering the Nautilus was the natural phenomenon that can not be explained. "Film in the footage clearly shows the 'figure' that moves on two legs with a larger body size than a normal human being," said foundation president, Robert Bernatowicz.

"But because the camera too much sway, it is difficult for me to say what it was are ,We have to locations where the film was taken and traced his footsteps if any is left,


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