Worldwide Mythology creature [part 1]

1. Pegasus

Pegasus is a horse that has wide white wings .In Greek mythology mentioned that Pegasus was born from the blood when Perseus cut off Medusa's head. Mentioned also that the Pegasus ridden by Bellerophon to fight the Chimera. Pegasus is a horse that has wings and an excellent pilot. Pegasus is the result of Medusa and Poseidon relationship is painful. Was born from Medusa when her head cut off by Perseus. Bellerophon tamed and serve by his hill during his adventures, including when Bellerophon killed Chimaera. When Bellerophon wanted to fly Pegasus to Mount Olympus, he was knocked down by Zeus. But Pegasus still flying and successfully arrived at the mountain Olympus. This is where Pegasus spends his days carrying lightning for Zeus.

2. Dragon

or ?

Dragon or a dragon is an animal with a very amazing. They are like reptile shaped and sometimes have multiple heads and can blow fire breath. Trusted can defeated by dragon music . Called also as a god by some tribes.


Harpy, in Greek mythology tells that the harpy was a winged animals have a body like a hawk and has reported that woman head. Legend tell that harpy like to steal the body of the dead, and the stench spread of food poisoning in its path desa2


Griffin is a legendary animal that has wings of an eagle and the feet of a lion bird. Called as the largest and became a very sacred animal to the god Apollo and the griffin is also a sun guard animals. This creature looked at the Minoan civilization (2700-1450 BC)


Werewolves is basically a man who has the ability to "change form" to the form of animals, especially in form of wolf. Werewolves could change based on their own wishes or encouragement from the outside just as the moon can be full moon. People can be Werewolves by bites from or derived from birth ( son of Werewolves) Werewolves have a very good regeneration, so they do not grow old, but this does not make them abadi.Menusuk heart or brain can kill them

6.Loch Ness

Loch Ness legend from lochness is scotlandia.Reported that animals from the dinosaur era who managed to survive the meteor blast and survived until kini.Ditemukan in scotland in 1930, has a Lochness estimated body length by 45 feet, rough skin and dark brown. Many people believe that lochness is a Plesiosaur, although until now there has been no sufficient evidence of the existence of lochness or not.


Troll from Scandinavia legend stating that the troll is the spirit that lives in caves in a hill. At nightfall they would go out to kidnap a woman and anak2.Ada two trolls, giant-sized Giant and the Dwarfs are small.


Based on Greek myth, Cerberus is the 3-headed giant dog guarding the entrance to the Hades.Cerberus was the son of Typhon and Greek legend says that Orpheus, Aeneas and Odysseus able to pass Cerberus and into the underworld or Hades.

9.Naga / Nagini

most people know that Indonesia is called the Dragon is the Dragon. But the Dragon was actually a different mythological creatures with the Dragon. Dragon appeared on Hindu and Buddhist culture, probably from India and surrounding areas. Dragon is a creature half snake, half human, sometimes described as a giant snake. The man called the Dragon, while the female version is called Nagini. Dragon is often seen as an entity that is evil, but not infrequently also seen as guardians of the river or lake


Ghoul is a monster from ancient Arabic, said the monster was also written in the Quran (i'm not sure, cause never read). Ghoul initially regarded as a Jinn, but as time passed, Ghoul is more often described as a kind of zombie or a vampire. Ghoul is a creature that lived in the desert and it preys on other travelers Ghoul often the graves and devour the corpse.


Echidna is a creature from Greek mythology, often portrayed as a woman half snake that lived in the cave. With her husband Typhon, Echidna bear different kinds of terrifying creatures that appear in Greek mythology, because it Echidna got the title Mother of all Monsters. Echidna and Typhon had fought against the gods of olympus but lost. Typhon then sealed under a mountain Etna. While Echidna and anak2nya were left off to be a challenge for the next Greek heroes. However Echidnya eventually killed by Panoptes Argus, a hundred-eyed titan.


Mermaid (or Merman for men) has been discussed since 5000 BC. Even Christopher Columbus said he has seen in his travels. In the English fairy tales they would be regarded as a curse or a warning of disaster.


Gorgon is a bad woman with fangs and snakes alive as a substitute for hair. Legend has it if people see the face of the Gorgon would turn into stone. The possibility of the most famous Gorgon was Medusa who was the only woman among the greatest 3 brothers (the other is Stheno and Euryale). Because of huge Medusa, Perseus can only kill him by cutting his head as he saw his own reflection in the shield of Perseus. Greek Gorgon description used to describe the crime.


Bred by Typhoeus and Echidna, Chimaera has 3 heads, namely lion, goat and serpent. The body also is mixed with the body of the front of the lion, the goat, and serpent to its tail. He took a breath of fire. He devastating mempora-Lycia, killing cattle and burned until he was killed by Bellerophon.


Medusa began life as the daughter of a very pleasant, so make Athens jealous. Beauty Medusa Poseidon's attention. He seduced Medusa, but unfortunately he did dikuil Athens. This makes Athens so angry. He then changed the Gorgon Medusa. Because Medusa is actually a human being so he is not immortal. Deemed insufficient punishment, Athena helped Perseus to hunt down and kill Medusa.Ketika Perseus cut off her head, Pegasus and Medusa Chrysaor children with Poseidon unfold. Medusa's blood fell on the Lybian desert and turned into a snake. Later one of these snakes kill Mopsus.

16.Dryad/Peri Forest

Dryad is a legendary creature from Greek mythology. According to Greek mythology, Dryad is a creature, or a kind of fairy, who inhabit the plants, tangible women. In similar terms the Greek, drys, meaning oak tree. This arises from the notion that the Nymph Dryad who lived in the plants. The term is often used to refer to the Nymph who live in trees in general. Dryad characters from Greek mythology appear in the fantasy tale The Chronicles of Narnia as an intangible spirit of a woman who comes from trees.


Ogre is usually described as a giant, evil and a monster. We usually see a story about Ogre in fairy tales and folklore. If the Ogre in the art world is described by the head of a large, long-haired and bearded, greedy, and have a strong body. And the story they are also often interfere with human.


Samael is one of 7 archangels in the mythology that spread in the region of ancient Palestine. Samael told as a good angel and bad. Samael's name means "Poison of God". Samael is sometimes also get the title as Angel of Death.

Samael is the ruler of heaven to the head 5 and 2 million other angels. Samael live in paradise level to 7. Samael is mentioned as a figure who fought with Jacob, but also as a figure holding the hand of Abraham to sacrifice his son time.

In mythology in ancient Palestine, before Eve (Eve), Adam had another wife is Lilith. Because feud with Adam, Lilith removed from the Garden of Eden. Then Lilith became the wife of Samael, and gave birth to the forces of Satan. Some sources say that Samael was the original name of Lucifer before he fell to earth. Snake that appears in the Garden of Eden is also the reincarnation of Samael, because it described as other than an angel, she is also often described as a winged snake.

19. Banshee

Banshee comes from Irish mythology and is usually known as the spirit of women. They are regarded as the angel of death and is believed to come from another world. They are usually known as part of the idolatry of ancient Celtic religion which they are subordinate to God. Spirits, or ancestors. In the UK they are known as fairies. According to legend, banshee will wander outside the house howling if someone in the house was going to die.

20. Cyclops

Cyclops is a member of the human race of ancient giants, who have one eye in the middle of her forehead. Cyclops was described as Homer and Hesiod. According to Hesiod, Cyclops named Brontes, Steropes, and Arges are the children of Uranus (sky) and Gaia (earth), while based on Homer's Cyclops said to the son of Poseidon and Thoosa named Polyphemus who was the Cyclops.

21. Unicorn

Unicorn is usually described as a horse with a long horn is led, but the original has a beard like a goat, a lion's tail, and a split nail. Unicorn is the only legendary creature that does not frighten people, and usually described as being smooth. Told it is unlikely to capture a unicorn. Horns are said to neutralize poison. Unicorn was first known as the Indus valley civilization (3300-1700SM).


Phoenix is a bird of fire from ancient Egyptian mythology, which is described as a dead bird by fire and reborn from the flames. Usually described as having gold and red feathers. At the end of his life, told the Phoenix builds a nest of cinnamon twigs which later burned. Bird destroyed by fire but then the new Phoenix young emerge from the same fire. It is believed the life of Phoenix is 500-1461 years. Phoenix Tears is believed to heal wounds.

23. Minotaur

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur has a bull's upper body and lower body human. Minotaur is said to live in the middle of the labyrinth with a big street like a complex construction of King Minos of Crete. Designed by Daedalus and known in the Knossos site. Minotaur brief look at the scene Satyricon by Petronius. And killed by Theseus.

24. Satyr

Satyrs originally seen as a friend goats gods in ancient Greek society. The first picture is the satyrs normal men, although often seen by the pubic that an erection. Then combined with the Roman mythology, which began to be described as half-human (top) and half-goat (the lower). Satyrs are depicted as being naughty, destructive and dangerous, shy and cowardly. In the past they were often described as having horns pat on the head, and a younger look have a lot of problems.

25. Giant

Giant or a giant monster is described as having extraordinary strength and larger size than humans. They appear in the Bible (the story of King David and Goliath). In mythology they are often described as having a conflict with the gods and is usually associated with chaos and the wild. They appear at the beginning with ancient Greek culture in which they are known as the Gigantes, creatures born of Gaia fertilized with the blood of Uranus when he was castrated.

26. Yeti

Yeti is known as the Wild Snowman has become a legend in the past to the present Himalaya.Dari many stories of people missing in the Himalayas, they are believed to have been abducted by Yeti.Foto above taken in 1925, N. A. Tombazzi reported seeing a large animal like a human being 300 yards from Sikkim.Walaupun many have reported seeing Yeti, there is no evidence showing he ada.Daerah the Yeti sightings is very steep and sloping so difficult an investigation was held.

27. Bigfoot

Bigfoot reportedly found in the regions of Canada and North America since the 19th century-foot trail an.Dari estimated kg.Bigfoot weighing up to 400 also known as Sasquatch, is a legendary animal that circulated in the United Utara.Bigfoot sometimes diciri2kan very large, with bulu2 cover the entire body, and people believe these creatures can be found throughout the world with different nama2, such as the Yeti in Tibet and Nepal, Yeren in China and Yowie in Australia.

28. Scylla

Scylla according to Greek legend, was a creature that has 6 heads and 12 kaki.Scylla believed that once he was a water witch and then changed into a monster by Circe.Setelah turned into a monster, he spent his life to get revenge on a passing sailor at sea .

29. Kirin

Kirin or mahluh Qilin is half-horse half-dragon, was originally derived from the mythology of China, but spread throughout the east asia. Real animals that are considered 'close' kirin is a giraffe (confused right? >.<), Reportedly been regarded as a giraffe Kirin. In the mythology of China, kirin is a sacred animal that has good qualities, but kirin could be wild animals and terrible when threatened. It is said that kirin tempat2 only appear in the dikuasain by good rulers and wise.

30. Tengu

Tengu (天狗, Tengu?) Is a creature of Japanese legend. Our one mountain spirits, or Yōkai closely associated with hawks or crows. His clothes clothing similar to that forged yamabushi minister himself in the woods and mountains. Tengu has a long nose, red face, a pair of wings, and toenails and very long arms. Tengu can fly freely in space with a stick called kongōzue, a large sword (tachi), and the fan-shaped leaves (hauchiwa). Job blocking those who want to explore Buddhism. [1] Another name is both Gehō (外法様, master of magic?). In the Japanese language known tengu ni naru expression which means "very proud of myself". This phrase probably originated from the phrase "Takai ga hana" (nose high).


Tengu's long nose like a well known today is the portrayal of people in the Middle Ages. In the story Yotsuya Kaidan-shu, described mite could run on air, and as a ghost-shaped kite that makes people possessed. The portrayal is expected to take the model from Temma ghost in the Buddhist concept that described the human body and has a pair of wings. Mite early models may change in the first half of the Muromachi era. In a collection of folklore is the story Otogizōshi Tengu no Dairi (Palace Tengu) that the main character named Kurama Tengu. In addition, Ushiwakamaru reportedly received art lessons in the sword of Tengu Kurama Temple. In the Tale of Heike, mite be described as "like a human but not human, like a bird but not a bird, a dog but does not like dogs, arms and legs like a human hand and foot, his face like a dog, has wings on either side, and can fly."

31. Argus Panoptes

Is a figure of a man who has the eyes of many. At first he said to have 4 eyes, but then said to have hundreds of eyes. He is best described and appears in many adventure stories. He killed the bull-mempora devastating Arcadia. He killed Satyr for stealing a cow. He killed Echidna. He avenge the death of Apis. Argus was killed by Hermes, when he kept Io for Hera.

32. Hecatoncheires

PhotobucketHecantoncheires means "hundred hands". They are very big, has 50 heads and a hundred hands that have great strength. There are 3 things are: Briareus is also called Aegaeon, Cottus, and Gyges also called Gyes. They were born of Gaia and Uranus. Because of their poor relationship with Uranus, Uranus, they are forced to go back into the womb of Gaia. This led the revolt against Uranus Gaia. When Cronus has the power he imprisoned them in Tartarus. They were released by Zeus and fought with Zeus against the Titans. They could throw stones huge 100 times more than his opponent. One of them Briareus a guard of Zeus.

33. Chrysaor

Chrysaor is the brother of Pegasus. Little is known of Chrysaor but then he was known as a strong-hearted soldier and brave. His name means sword of gold. He fathered Geryon. His appearance is unknown, but based on stories he was not seen as in general. He is likely for the giant.

34. Elf

Elf is a creature born of German mythology. Elf typically human form of very small and usually has a duty as the god of fertility, usually in his description Elf is a young man or young woman who is very beautiful in the forest and underground. They described the privilege of eternal life and the power of magic.

35. Leviathan

Leviathan is a sea monster one of the most legendary. Leviathan is one of the leaders in the Jewish Talmud (Old Testament, the Bible) which is a vicious monster who sailed samudera.Leviathan said to be the greatest, the sea serpent (sea serpent) is the largest, and strongest, and the Bible is represented as something evil . According to an ancient Jewish legend, the Leviathan eat a whale's tail in a day and has eyes that glow in the darkness of the night when the Leviathan jumped in the ocean and attacked the ship.

Hydra did not live in the sea, but he lives in the swamp. But because it has a mangrove swamp to the sea route as well, the Hydra is also classified as a sea serpent (sea serpent). Hydra appeared in ancient Greek legend. Hydra is the many-headed snake venom, armed with a legendary hydra and can not be cured, because the poison will immediately melt hydra skin. Each tooth contains a deadly poison. And it is said that the Hydra can not die.

36. Learnaean Hydra

Hydra was defeated by Hercules, the son of Zeus. Hercules initially overwhelmed by all the Hydra's head was cut, new growth continuously. Finally, the son of Zeus burned every head which he cut and prevent the growth of the Hydra's head, and when he lived the remaining main head, with all his strength, Hercules cut off the snake forever. Toxins hydra then used by Hercules for the dioles arrows.

37. Jormungandr

Jörmungandr is a giant snake in the Viking legend. Sea serpent Jörmungandr is Loki's son, foster brother of Thor, the Viking god of thunder legendary hammer, Mjolnir. Jörmungandr often interfere with maritime security kapal2 attack. Jörmungandr one of the Leviathan. In the end, defeated by Thor Jörmungandr.

38. Nymph

In Greek mythology, Nymph is one of the legendary creature that tangible women, living in certain places and at one with nature. They identified with the fairy, or fairy who lived in the wild. They are the personification of nature, and the spirit of particular places which can be found in the wild, such as rivers, trees, waterfalls, springs, mountains, and so on. They are divided into several groups according to the place where they could be found. For example: Dryad and Hamadryad (Nymph who live in trees); Naiad (Water Nymph); Oread (Nymph in the mountains).

39. Hippogriff

Hippogriff is a legendary creature that people still closely Griffin, who is often described as intangible creature half eagle / eagle, and half horse. Head and body before him like a hawk while the rear body of the horse's body and legs. According to legend, a creature of Hippogriff perkimpoian between horses with Griffin.

In conclusion, hippogriff is like Griffin, but he was more docile and easier to control. In fairy tales and fantasy fiction, Hippogriff often serve as pets or vehicles for the knights and / or a witch. It made Hippogriff be the right choice to reach faraway places, comfortable ride, and as fast as lightning.

40. Typhon

Gaia Typhon by Tartarus son. terseram monster-been there. Hundreds of the dragon head emerged from the back and drawn up to touch bintang2. poison dripping from his eyes. his mouth spat out lava and hot batu2.

When lifting the mountain in the war against Aetna dewa2 Olympus, Zeus attacked by hundreds of lightning, so he was defeated and crushed the mountain.

41. Nemean Lion

The Nemean lion is a ferocious monster in Greek mythology. Nemean Lion was the son of the Echidna Typhon, brothers Theban Sphinx.Diceritakan that Nemean Lion was defeated by Hercules with his bare hands because no weapon can injure reply Nemean Lion. After the Nemean Lion was defeated, his leather coat made by Hercules.

42. Sphinx

There are two versions, the Sphinx of Egypt and Greek mythology.

Greek mythology

Sphinx is the son of Echidna and Thypoon. Lion-headed monster man (and the winged eagle) was sent for the curse of Hera in the city of Thebes. Sphinx guard the city gate of Thebes and asked the puzzle to anyone who wants to enter the gate:

"What's traveled with 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at noon, and 3 feet in the evening?"

No one can answer, and finally had to die to eat this monster. But finally there was a young man named Oedipus who can answer this question, so that the Sphinx killed himself with a plunge into the abyss.

Egyptian mythology

In ancient Egypt, the Sphinx is a statue of a lion-headed man, sometimes have wings. Most of the Sphinx likened to a king who is the son of the sun god.

The name "Sphinx" was created as a picture of the king who was given by people who visited Egypt Greece centuries ago, because of similarities with the Sphinx in Greek mythology.

43. Nekomata

or cat darkness, a mythological creature in japan, a creature capable of controlling death, and black power, the mythical god of war nine Nekomata has the symbol of darkness, the profiled Nekomata a cat with two black angel wings and two tails, and able to change shape into humans.

are falling down Nekomata described as a cat that has evolved from a grudge because torture owner.

44. Basilisk

in Greek mythology is the king of the reptiles (serpent), when the described shape of a snake, or lizard, with a skull on his forehead bulge. said to anyone who saw her would be dead (in the sequel secret chamber harry poterr)

45. Goblin

Goblin is a kind of supernatural creatures that appear in fairy tales and stories of fantasy fiction. They have height ranging from 30 cm to 2 m. Their skin is usually green.

In European folklore is the fairy goblin or supernatural beings. Small size of their bodies and sometimes invisible to the human eye. They are described as tiny green creatures and pointy eared.

Goblin closely related to the fire and have the skills to create it.

According to another version in a few fairy tales and fantasy stories, Goblin is a creature of the wild and fierce. They lived in caves or in dark underground. Their race identified with evil creatures and is a brutal fighter. They are described as being like a human burly, green-skinned, pointy ears, and face sangar and horrible. Sometimes they kidnap a baby and devour humans.

46. Centaurus

Centaurus is a legendary animal that has bewujud horse human body parts found in the reply body of the horse's neck.

The experts assess, Centaur myth comes from the fear of the Greeks will be the ancient Mongol smooth-riding horses and wearing a bow (horse archer). The Mongols are often attacked the cities of Greece.

According to myth, Centaurus live hidden in the dark forest. They respect the forest as his own mother, hunt animals as needed, and did my best to not look conspicuous. Centaurus is the entire male race. They reproduce by kidnapping people and then wrote the woman and arrested dikimpoii until she gives birth. After the baby is born Centaurus, the women returned to the village masing2.

According to legend, Hercules was killed at the hands of Centaur named as the Centaur Nessus tried to grab her. Hercules then live happily with his wife before (he wrote the provocation to kill Hera) at the top of Mount Olympus.

Centaurs are skilled in menggunaka arrows and lances. Intelligence and policy supposedly superior to humans. This was the reply made them feel arrogant and more like living in hutan.Para hunters usually hunt Centaurus to take their heart. Centaurs have a heart 2. Heart (in human body parts) Centaurus has a camouflage effect and increase the ability to shoot the man wrote to eat. While the horse's heart Centaurus, has the effect of eating a reply can run 3 days 3 night without feeling tired.

Sagittarius is an example of Centaurus mounted by Hera to decorate the sky.

47. Dwarf

Dwarf is a dwarf humans in the Nordic tales and Germany.

In mythology, drawing himself is apparently a dwarf, like humans, but are smaller and shorter. They long beard and looked older than his size. They live in caves in the mountains or under the ground. They are able to adapt in the underground environment and be able to see well in the dark. There they dug a mine goods like gold, silver, iron, and so on. They are also a gunsmith and blacksmith who advanced. They usually trade goods from the metal.

Although they run slow and not good at riding, they were able to maintain good turf. Some legends say that they are adept at creating the heritage items. In Norse mythology, they create a chain of inheritance that can bind fierce wolf, Fenris.

48. Golem

Golem first appeared in the Jewish legends ..

This is based on the belief that man was created from clay. Thus, Jewish magicians were berlomba2 created human kind. Golem itself means stone, fake, or the Hebrew slaves in the harsh language.

In fact, there is a story of the Jewish people, when Suleiman the Great had created Golem2 to build his empire and become protective court. Golem was not all in human form. Golem in human form, is the most popular because most related myth.

Clay Golem is the first generation in the creation Golem. When the magicians realized that the clay was less effective and their creation was far from the human image, they are desperate. In the desperation, they change the mindset and make the Golem as protector.

Furthermore, they also create more powerful Golem reply from the rock. Although this Golem solid, but so memperihatinkan agility. His movements were patah2. However, Golem is still a favorite of witches.

After coming era of metal, the witches are interested in experimenting with metal as the raw material manufacture a new type of Golem. Last Golem perfectly judged for having a high defense elbow and flexible elbow movement. However, the production a bit. Because the materials used at the time wrote that expensive.

49. Rusalka

In Slavic Mythology, Rusalka is a ghost of a woman (tangible like Water Nymph, Succubus, Mermaid or Siren), who lives in the waters.

According to some folklore, Rusalka is a female half-fish who lived in the river bed, at midnight, he came out of the nest and dancing in the meadow, they lure people to come to the bottom with a song and dance spectacular to live with them. The story of Rusalka associated with germany ghost ghosts Nix and Irish Banshee

Rusalka is the spirit of the girl who died before being baptized, or was murdered by her mother drowned, they would not interfere with if humans are not close, the spirit of these kids will wander in the forest surrounding the river to be baptized in order to beg them to calm down in the afterlife.

His right place in the waters where he died, Rusalka at night to get out of the water, climbing trees, singing songs and comb his hair or join other Rusalka to dance in the meadow.

According to mythology, her eyes burning like fire Rusalka green, greenish-colored hair and was always wet, according to some legends, if the Rusalka's hair dry, then he will die, like teasing a man, by pulling it through dancing and singing, and then drown him, he men who are tempted by Rusalka will die in his arms. In another version, jg laughter can lead to death.

Some versions of Rusalka in some countries

- Ukraine: Rusalka always live in water

- BELORUS: he was in the fertile fields, the form of a beautiful woman naked

- RUSSIA: Rusalka tangible Women with big breasts

- In Northern Europe: illustrated with a figure of a very ugly woman whose body was covered with hair.

50. Lilith

Lilith is a female demon which comes from the Babylonian steal human children. Hebrew people adopt and assume this is Lilith the first wife of Adam who are both created from the ground. Because the same from the ground, Lilith considered equivalent to Adam's position. Adam refused this equation, and the Lord Lilith throw away from heaven. Lilith met with Lucifer and penyatuannya results arose from the demons of millions of human tempter.

There are also versions of Lilith wrote mentioning that from the beginning was not human. Looks like a man (woman), but it is not. Lilith is one of the fallen angels 1 reply tried to get close to pollute the offspring of Adam. Since then Eve (air) was created for a helper for Adam's reply is worth. Lilith then left Adam to become the wife gave birth to a lot of Lucifer & Satan.

It is said Lilithlah reincarnate into a snake to deceive Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the tree.

51. Succubus

In the medieval legend of the West, Succubus (plural succubi) or succuba (succubae plural) is a demon that takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men (especially pastors) in a dream to have sex while they suck up to the critical energy, or even until death

Succubus often linked, and even equated with lilith

According to the "Witches Hammer" ... Succubus collect sperm from the male victim and give the incubus to fertilize female victims so as to create offspring.

In some confidence in saying Succubus even be turned into a man called incubus after collecting sperm from the male victim, sometimes even regarded as a Succubus in the cause of nightmares and sleep paralysis.

Physical appearance usually describe as a very beautiful woman, bat-like wings, and sometimes some of the specifics of the demon horns, tail, fangs. Usually over men through dreams and even the memory of her beauty is not lost, missing that makes the man so confused.

52. Gnome

Gnome is a legendary creature the size is very small and live underground. According to Paracelsus, Gnome is a supernatural creature that lived from the land element. Though small, they were able to walk easily follow the steps of a human being. They usually wore conical hats, and sun can turn them into stone. In some stories, they are often portrayed as being very small, ugly face, identified as the nation perigoblin. They have the magical power to make people feel happy or sad. ignorant, or confused with

The word gnome is connected with the word "gnomus" (Latin). Often equated with the word "gnossis" (Greek), which means knowledge, but from a more appropriate word is "genomos", which means the inhabitants of the land.

Gnome appears in the German fairy tales, including stories written by the brothers Grimm, a little old man who lived under the ground, the guard buried treasure. Gnome also appeared in the culture of other European countries with different names: Kaukis of Prussia; Barbegazi, gnome-like creature with big feet in the folklore of France and Switzerland. Gnome Vættir is a kind of state of Iceland.

53. Huldra

In fairy tales and folklore Scandinavia, Huldra (another name in Sweden: Skogsrå or Skogsfru (meaning "forest girl"), and Tallemaja) is a legendary creature that comes from the forest. Usually female gender.

Viewed from the front, they are naked with a face that was pretty amazing, but when viewed from behind, his back like a hollow tree holes in tree trunks of old. In Norway, no holes in their backs, but they have tails (head of cattle according to the beliefs of Norway, Sweden, while for men they have cows or fox's tail) which is the only thing that distinguishes them from normal girls.

Huldra lure men into the jungle in order to be invited to touch the body. They will recompense for the man who has been satisfying their lust and killed a man who is not willing. Huldra in Norway but not like that. They might kidnap someone, but reluctant to kill him. They sometimes kidnap human babies and put them in between their kids called Huldrebarn.

Huldra male called Huldu, or "Huldrekall" (as in Norway).

In Norway, Huldra is often described as a special village girl, dressed in peasant clothes, but her face look more attractive and bright when compared with ordinary village girl. Huldra sometimes married local men, but when that happens, all the luxury and beauty that enveloped his body will disappear when the priest took his hand, or if you enter the church.

If Huldra betrayed, he will hurt and punish anyone who hurt her, like a story from Sigdal. A Huldra getting married and her husband had vowed to marry her, on condition, he can not tell anything about the wedding to someone else. But he was denied his promise. Huldra hit his ear with his tail and then he lost his hearing and sense of mind for the rest of his life.

54. Dullahan

Dullahan is a monster from Celtic legend, who rode a black horse with a headless menbawa bring his head in her hand, eyes on the face fly and dikerebungi brought a sweet smile on her face dikatkan almost reached his ears. and the flesh on his head has color like stale cheese.

When dulahan stopped in front of him korbanya and meneriakan name perlahan2 disappeared while sucking the spirit korbanya. If you see this then he will whip or throwing blood to you, and that means you are next

But there are ways away dullahan, said dulahan afraid of gold, even a gold pin enough to make a run dulahan

Dulahan eyes say could make korbanya paralyzed and powerless to see what he would do

55. Imp

Imp similar sort of fairy or demon. Imp portrayed as being ignorant and less dangerous. Described as a creature who has a small horn above their heads and wings of bats

Imp is described as a lonely creature who will do anything to make friends, including doing good, but of course how "doing good" is done a la imp

Imp's name is also given as a spirit that helps the witch in medieval times, usually stored in imp artifacts such as Gemstone and summoned through magic.

One is the famous imp imp used by Alchemist Paracelus on his sword in the crystal.

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