Woow, Giant Thumb Stamp Found on Mars

A recent high-resolution images successfully capture a location on Mars, pictures taken from a NASA telescope by using High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) looks like a fingerprint or thumbprint thumbs (fingger print) giants are very large actual time there. This is according to the researchers predict because of a natural cycle of change and the weather over there in a very long time, if we look briefly like a dry lake which was originally found in the center wavelength.


Like the former valley or lake dried aqueous visible as thumb prints

And for that the researchers estimate that the red planet earlier period there is a kind of life, though they could not specify what kind of life is. This picture was taken at the location indicated Coprates Mars and formed from sedimentary processes and the water evaporates and dries it forms a visible form today.

(Mail Online)



The scene grew more detail shows more clearly

The scene grew more details more clearly demonstrate the former rivers dried and used as water flow of life on earth


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