A wave sightings occurred of UFO in the Jersey Coast and British procession lit up UFO the sky

Jersey Coast residents, one of the areas in the English Channel, these days are confused with the appearance of dots strange light in the heavens. UFOs or unusual natural phenomena?

Night at the Jersey Coast became more lively lately. Dozens of people have contacted the local newspaper to report that they had seen anything strange in the sky in a few days.

Among them two elderly women who said they saw the ufo three times on Friday night at 11.30. Gladys (92) and Christine (87) said that they saw a red ufo flying in the sky. Object shaped like a doll's house and fly at high speed.

Other residents also reported the same thing. Jegat of Grouville Maggie was in the car with two friends. As they drove down the hill and turned into the parking lot, they saw three strange red light in the sky.

Finally, a woman named Jackie Collins sent a photograph taken 10 days earlier that showed a strange light in the sky. The picture was taken by his friend, Ian Aspinall in St. Martin. Ian said that he did not see the light. But when he saw the finished picture, he found there was a strange light in the picture.

Ufo-shaped dots of light just like ufo that appeared in large numbers in the UK recently.

UFO procession English lit up the sky
May 2009, Line up without sound, the circles of light illuminate the night sky mysterious English. Objects such as giving each command with remarkable precision exceeds even the most professional team of pilots though. Perhaps these objects have experienced a large space to explore.

light groups of more than 100 circles seen in the whole of England and the Netherlands make unnerved the residents who witnessed this extraordinary parade, a fleet of UFOs.

The population of the bright object was seen dancing and each other in formation before disappearing mysteriously. Recent sightings occurred on the day of the week on May 31, 2009 when the object was seen in two places, Merseyside and Lincoln. Days earlier, a similar appearance occurred in Cambridgshire where one witness claimed to see each object's light has a size of a house.

This phenomenon has encouraged local defense officials view the records of each flight and elsewhere to make the European UFO fans jumped for joy.

An engineer named Paul Slight, 54 years old, taking pictures with cell phone cameras when the objects were flying over Lincoln at 10:30 o'clock in the evening while he was cycling to his home. There are 26 objects at first, mutual formation and chased each other like playing merrily. "After that, another object 7 arrived and snaking among the crowd of other objects. After 5 minutes here and move there, they hung in the air for a second, then sped up and disappeared.

A spokesman for the British Air Force at Cranwell said that their flight bases closed during the week so that the lights did not come from air force plane. But a former military officials claimed that the lights were released by the jet to simulate the path to test missile radar system the British royal battleships, HMS Daring.

HMS Daring, which occurs when the apparition was docked in Liverpool using weapons which are activated by radar. In saying that the light-visible light is a method to test the defense system.


In Cambridgeshire, a banker named Scott Boswell's 37-year-old said that he saw more than 100 light flew over his home in Hincingbrooke. Former soldiers and pilots were saying, "I know the light was not coming from the plane - It was strangely silent. Not a sound aircraft"

"I've also been a soldier for a decade. So I can immediately tell if the light signals coming from the aircraft fire or weather balloons. As for the objects that I saw, I really do not know where they came from."

On the same night, May 27, 2009, at around 11:30 that night, an innkeeper named Auberon Hedgecoe, 40 years old who live near Huntington also said there was no sound accompanying the aircraft's appearance.

Hedgecoe family said she saw more than 50 lights in Huntington and each for a house. "They flew in formation with 15-15 and after a minute, even more coming up. The object was not a plane nor a hot air balloon.

However, sightings occurred on the night in Lincoln, a woman contacted the local newspaper and said that the bright object above the real Lincoln is released Chinese lanterns to celebrate the wedding reception. Nick Poe, a former UFO researcher in the British defense department supports this statement. "I do not intend to reject the UFO phenomenon, but I dare say that 99% of UFO sightings caused by the lanterns like that."

Did you see the parade is a parade of Chinese lanterns? When the lamp, does not explain how fast it shot out and disappeared. And when the lantern, why the vision was to be seen in the Netherlands? Maybe we can look back at the photos above and decide for yourself what we believe.

source: xfile-enigma.blogspot

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