Want to Know Secrets And Beautiful Women Japanese Girl?

Secret Beautiful Japanese Women and Girl

wan know the secret of why Japanese women and beautiful girls, cute and clear-clear. Japanese women and Japanese girls are cute it turned out to have a good lifestyle emulated.

Secret women and beautiful Japanese girl

According to Naomi, slender bodies of Japanese women influenced by diet, behavior and discipline perfectionist high. Naomi noted there are 7 major things that cause the phenomenon of thin and long life are:

1. Fish eating habits.
We understand the Japanese people can not escape from the fish. Especially Salmon, a food number one and most popular.

2. Eat vegetables.
According to Naomi, breakfast is a common form of vegetables. Though light, but filling.

3. Enough rice to eat.
In Japan rice served in a relatively small amount, 2 plus a small bowl with the other dishes.

4. Soybean.
Not a day without soybean, that Japanese cuisine.

5. Eat Noodles.
There Soba, Udon, Ramen, and Sōmen. It was different, with each texture.

6. Teahouse.
Eisai, is a Zen priest who is considered as the originator of the Japanese tea addiction. Predicate is given a blessing that he wrote the book in 1211 entitled drinks Tea and Prolong Life?. The book was peeling properties of tea. Especially green tea, is very respected in Japan because it can be a protector of health and longevity.

7. Fruit snacks.
Japanese people do not eat too much fruit. They eat fruit as snacks and meals in the form of fresh, not processed. They are also not used to eating sweet cakes, biscuits, donuts, and meals
cover baked, roasted, let alone packaging.

It turned out to appear slim and longevity is not difficult is not it? Also do not have to go out a lot of money. Enough with the correct diet. Moreover, Indonesia does not produce much different from Japan. Ranging from fish to fruit. What distinguishes a matter of habit and discipline. Let's try!

How to Easily Japanese Lifestyle, Shown To Healthy And Beautiful

Look healthy and beautiful? Whoever wants it. Need a way to make these two words. Can be obtained with healthy exercise and keep eating. While beautiful, besides the gift of God given at birth, was also obtained by treatment. In order to look beautiful and healthy, we try to imitate Japanese women. Besides watching the fashion and make-up, they find beauty through exercise and attention to eating habits. The way is not difficult, fairly easy and inexpensive to do. Among them:

1. Eat like Seaweed
The average Japanese dish consisting of seaweed. In other food appeal, seaweed contains many important minerals for the body. Such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and potassium.

2. Eat Sushi
Sushi is very healthy. Rice and raw fish belonging to the Sushi, a little fat (30 percent), and contains more omega-3.

3. Green Tea
Apparently green tea is not only favored the Japanese. Indonesian people are now starting to like this healthy beverage. There are a lot of scientific evidence that shows a profit. As an antioxidant, green tea can prevent premature aging. Reduce the risk of stomach ulcers, prevent heart attacks, liver, delaying the development of cancer, as well as inhibiting obesity.

4. Ordinary Walk
Where the purpose of their distant origin can still be on travel by foot, the Japanese are not lazy to do it. So do not be surprised if Japanese women are beautiful, more beautiful look on foot. Because, heart-healthy walk and skin tightening


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