Unique & Funny Bed Covers .. Cool gan

Knew bed cover right? thick coat comfortable and soft blankets for the really fit, and usually match the color sheets. The idea of making these covers, plus cool funny ! Bed Cover Box

Let's guess, when you should sleep at your friend home, suddenly you asked to sleep with mattress of stone and given bed cover pillow of boxes! Besides funny, this bed cover was made for charitable purposes ! Most of the sales of cardboard bed cover project 'Le Clochard' was donated for the homeless in the Netherlands.

Bed Cover Good Eating

actually it's interesting for all who enjoy breakfast at bed. So gentlemen, put an apron on the bed cover, so the food would be spilled in nope at mattress or the sheets!

Twister Bed Cover

How to play the cool, stay interested bed cover on the floor, or you're not go to the floor, wrote all over the mattress ... Bring dice just stay fit.

Never Sleep Alone

Funny right? there is always a be your friend ..

Bed Cover Make Love Not War

Bed Cover this one says "No more fighting over all understand each other." Imagine wrote, amid the existing bed cover, will be given a red line that separates between the "territories" you and him. So imagine it, kalo is not no problem in the existing border, all would be more peaceful

Scene Bed Cover

Cute .. weird .. but fun ...

Bed Cover ruler

Could be unique bed cover for couples, so the farther from the central pair, the color is getting colder, so the couple can monitor each other how much they are from each pair are you?

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