Top 10 World dictator

In this article, 10 of the world's most respected dictator by the people. Tenth dictator partly derived from the real world, there is also the fictional world comes from Let's see who they are.

Criteria for assessment:
1. Characters characters.
2. How can he lead and govern.
3. How many people liked it.
4. The name of the person.

1. Ramesses II / Pharaoh (ANCIENT EGYPT):
Spoiler for number 1:

For number one, we took the two holy books (Koran and the Book). Indeed the figure of Pharaoh is very special for anyone. Especially when it comes to arrogance during the era of Prophet Musa AS. He even arrogantly claim to be God who is also a direct descendant of the sun god. Whatever his claims about himself, ended up dead Pharaoh drowned while pursuing Moses with the U.S. army in the red sea. His body was later rescued by the Lord YME, according to the sound of the verses of the Quran, letter Yunus verse 90 which reads: "This day we save your body, so you can be a lesson to those after you in the future."

2. Adolf Hitler (GERMANY):
Spoiler for number 2:

One of the special figure most demanding at the same time by the world community. Born of a Jewish father, where as an adult he was determined to exterminate the Jews in Germany through his Nazi party. But after he was trapped and near defeat, he finally decided to commit suicide with his wife in a basement.

3. Megatron / Galvatron (Decepticon):
Spoiler for number 3:

We joke huh? No, this is the only fictional dictator in our list. Wizard magazine put it as the world's legendary dictator in position 68. All crimes would be very upset and miserable people all over the world, if if he was in reality. Thankfully, he was only in fairy tales ...

4. Saddam Hussein (IRAQ):
Spoiler for number 4:

We will take reference from the World Islamic history books. In the book, maybe Saddam Hussein is a Muslim head of state who likes to kill its own people. Eternal feud with the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran in the early 1980s to raise the oil crisis and the Gulf War due to do own. Devastated in 2003 after he attacked the UN troops under the command of the United States and Saudi Arabia, until he finally executed on Eid al-Adha 2005.

Spoiler for number 5:

This is a successful Italian through his understanding of Fascism in Italy and some countries such as Austria companions when World War II past. Conspiring with Adolf Hitler, to obey almost all of Europe before finally defeated by U.S. troops, and finally Italy instead turned supports block German allies and betrayed.

6. Slobodan Milošević (Yugoslavia):
Spoiler for number 6:

Serbia origin ruthless dictators have slaughtered millions of Muslims of Kosovo. He also had grounded faired Bosnia and Herzegovina and made some international crimes. Eventually he was sentenced to death by international courts, and a dark note for this Yugoslavia.

Spoiler for number 7:

We admit the excess to the former president of this second RI. But to be honest, when the Suharto era in power in Indonesia, all the elements of freedom is limited by a man who claimed himself as the father of this development. Even political parties have only a limited three, the press is forbidden to do much, also the kidnapping of activists to the truth, if anyone dared to fight. Died at the age of 86 years on January 27, 2008.

8. Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union):
Spoiler for number 8:

Experts communist Soviet Union was successfully destroy millions of innocent people for the sake of unification into a communist state called the USSR superpower. Unfortunately, after he died, his goal is to make the world a communist does not happen. The USSR broke up in late 1990, and then his legacy can only be enjoyed now with a Russian name.

9. Herman Willem Daendels (INDIAN THE NETHERLANDS):
Spoiler for number 9:

This is the Dutch governor-general's most ruthless when ordered in Indonesia. Expense of the common people for construction of the highway heading Anyer-Panarukan which we now can enjoy when going home to the village home page. Ironically, perhaps he, too, who teaches corruption to the Indonesian people. He was greedy for money, so that instead of development projects faltered, and then called back to Holland and was replaced by the Governor-General Janssens.

10. Emperor Hirohito (JAPAN):
Spoiler for number 10:

For some people, it is the main actor's involvement in World War II Japan. But precisely because he himself caused, Japan should be willing to lose two cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the atomic bomb by the allies. Finally he gave up only a few days before Indonesia's independence.


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