Time Machine : Journey Through Time (Time Travel)

Ever heard of "traversable wormholes" or "passage of time"? Or ever seen films depicting science fiction characters who can jump into the past or even into the future? Well, in theory, it could become a reality, at least based on Einstein's theory of relativity. Practically, it may not be long before we see the machine's most powerful particle accelerator in the world - large energy release, can distort not only space (just as gravity distortion in places on earth), but also TIME!.

it is machine "Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN's currently regarded as the very first time machine was made in the history of mankind.

According to research published by Irina wrote Arefieva and Igor Volovich, "In general relativity, time is described in a spacetime curve starts from the past into the future. But there are times when the curve will intersect, such as a closed curve, which is interpreted as a time machine - and raises the possibility of time travel (time travel).

Two protons were fired in the opposite direction and collide at 4 points along the path - to imitate the conditions "Big Bang" of the "cosmic plasma". Cosmic plasma is a state of almost liquid-come is a mystery, which formed before the particles of cold atoms to form together. LHC will force these particles to escape from his bonds, the substance of the substance that breaks down - to create a "cosmic plasma" original, and reconstruct the conditions of the Big Bang (hopefully only for a small scale).

Here are some facts about this project:
- It will take 20 years and still running
- A team consisting of 7000 physicists from more than 80 countries
- With the circular path of 27 miles, 175 feet below ground
- Facilitate the process of inter-proton collisions, with speeds approaching the speed of light.
- Tunnel large enough to pass the train
- Creating a state of temperature up to 1 million times hotter than the core son
- Superconducting magnets are cooled to temperatures colder than outer space

The Collider Tunnel (tunnel to smash the protons):

Most machines are complex and complex Ever Made Man

To illustrate how large the scale of this monster, imagine this machine along the 17 miles across the border of two countries, having detectors in 4 locations for human buildings, placed in a hole (cave) which is very large - and if you were in it when the engine is operated , you will experience the effects of radioactive heavy and fatal experience.

For a solenoid (CMS) of the amount of iron needed more iron to build the Eiffel tower. The cost to build the LHC is so large that the U.S. in 1993 to stop the project itself is superconducting Super Collider (although the 14-mile long tunnel they had dug in Texas). So, at least this time the CERN project alone hold the title "the most complex machine ever built by man".

Click the image below to see the 360-degree view:

CMS detector, before planting 100 feet below ground:

Cross-section of the ATLAS detector, the size of a cathedral! :

Look people in the picture below, for the scale of how big this machine:

Bundle Cable Giant:

LHC team is often referred to as the "Lord of the Ring", the atmosphere of her own project situation something like in the movie "Star Wars".

The idea is to focuses of this great energy into the smallest space possible. As they say: "The greater the energy, the more powerful all the particles blown". How big? Is this miniature from the Black hole?

If not the passage of time (time travel), other interesting things that may result from the LHC project are: Doomsday!

Perhaps the headline of this post is very exaggerated. LHC project is expected to actually be very dangerous to proceed, see this report. Just imagine, there is a group of people who are building a miniature Black hole not far from where we live. Who can believe that guaranteed something will not happen later.

The background of the construction of the LHC this is probably just to find "God particle" (Higgs Boson?) And also the theory of "Grand Unified Theory" of all the forces of energy in the universe.

All the records that mention the LHC might produce "Medium-sized Bang" or mini Black hole uncontrollable, rebutted by scientists at CERN: they assure us that "although Black holes can be created, it is still too small and too early to say will produce a strong gravitational force ".

Discover magazine this quote: "The process of collision (collision of protons) at the LHC can give off a strange new mass, hidden dimensions of space stretching, and even created a small beginning of another universe's birth. And now, as we have seen - perhaps once the machine hall. "

"We do not even know what will is happen " says French physicist, Yves Schutz. "We are now in non-energy domain one ever touched it."

You want to know more theoretical physics which became the basis of the phenomenon of "traversable wormholes", which in turn allows people to travel through time (time travel)? Please read the full article here.

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