This Actress & Actor Just Results from Plastic Surgery?

Actually pretty & handsome were relatively, but with plastic surgery, bad was not absolute.


Recently day I surprised that, actor BBF Goo Joon Pyo, Lee Min Ho was not natural. wow, I'm not surprised at all. just by looking at the faces of Koreans, you can easily distinguish who never got a scalpel which has not ... you will see strange faces in a particular moments.

These social issues starting from plastic surgery've become a parent gift for her anak2 graduation, Japanese and Chinese tourists that includes a package of plastic surgery in her jalan2 to korea, korean social ills until who feels confident don't apply for a job if his eye was not crease.

so you all , never talking, my idol oplas ga kok, klo you know where they oplas, etc.. Since that you know that 95% of people who had a double in the Korean Eyelid were must be from oplas, not the original. Even a senior who had surprised because at the time to teach a child is Indonesian, his mother said "do not be postponed've lg, this weekend aja y", what is it delayed?? oplas eyes turned to her!! children aged 10 years was told oplas?? ... so it looks genuine eye.

The following survey actually long time ago, but i think this survey wrote really bad, especially the now ...

Korea 76% of women aged 20-30 years had plastic surgery
25% of mothers had a child Korea 12-16 year for plastic surgery
27.4% university graduates who are looking for work was not PD for job interviews because of their physical appearance

The most part of surgery:
67.1% eyelid crease (eye lid)
18.9% nose
4.7% lip
4.7% liposuction (liposuction)

part wants changed:
24% fold eyelid (eye lid)
19% liposuction (liposuction)
15% cheekbones (like the Korean people feel cheekbone height)
11% chin and jaw bone (Korean people like to feel his jaw too box reply)
7% lip
7% dad *
2% wrinkles on the face

hwwaa, not terrible, there remade face here .. well, including the Lee Minho, well though he oplas, gw still likes him, it would not be a husband, would oplas no problemo ... and some list of artists who they know oplas between Other Lee Min Ho (nose, eyes), Kwon Sang Woo (double Eyelid), Park Shi Yeon (all), Jo In Sung (lips), Jessica SNSD (cheekbones, eyes, Lipo), Tiffany SNSD (Lipo, nose, eyes), Hyoyeon SNSD (eye, cheek bone), Yuri SNSD (eyes, nose), Yoona SNSD (chin, eyes), Kyuhyun Super Junior (eye), Heechul Super Junior (nose), Jang Geun Seok (nose, eyes) , Song Hae Kyo (lips, eyes), Yoon Eun Hye (Lipo, lips), Lee Si Young (all), Eric Moon Shinhwa (all), Kim Dong Wan Shinhwa (nose), Junjin Shinhwa (nose), Lee Hyori ( eyes), Chae Yeon (Lipo), Kim Sun Ah (Lipo), Kim Jung Eun (eye), Park Min Young (eyes, Lipo, nose), Seo In Young Jewelry (obviously her sharp nose), TOP Big Bang ( nose), Kim Ah Joong (Lipo, eyes, nose), Chae Rim (eye), Hwan Hee FTTS (all his), Park Hyo Shin (all), and Super Junior Lee Teuk (eyes, nose).


The technology factor now that make more sophisticated plastic surgery is considered more safe to do each one, then so don't wondering if so many artists who i called it above, was not free of a scalpel. row of the list above, who've caught , don't mention that not getting caught, ouch .. how would y??

This HERO wkkwkw

After reading the article above, you would immediately think that all people, both men and women of South Korea nearly 50 percent who do oplas? And assume that South Korea is a country that his oplas rate highest? guys ... .. but it turned out the answer wrong! For business level Plastic Surgery, South Korea was ranked the 15th. While 2 of its neighbors, Japan and Taiwan respectively - each sitting in rank 4 and 14 (wowww .... It! America's No. 1! Not questioned, even amrik a beauty contest for girls Oplas) Apparently, the youth - Japanese and Taiwanese women more many do Oplas than Korea!

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