T-Rex Like a Coward, Just Killing Babies ?

Latest instructions indicate that despite fierce-looking, T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus rex) may behave like a coward. T-Rex is more appropriately called "baby killer" because it likes to swallow small prey rounded than the size of a raven.
"Animals like tyrannosaurs often seen as the perfect killing machine with a powerful bite, which could drop even the largest prey," says Oliver Rauhut, paleontologist at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany.
However, although the number of giant carnivorous dinosaur of all time is a lot, surprisingly there is little bite marks on the fossils found when compared with the age of mammals. In fact, when examined in more detail, scratches and puncture marks on most of the fossils indicate that it happened by accident.
"Very little fossil hunting which showed the former to the herbivorous dinosaur predators that suggests a story of failure, prey escapes, or both prey and predators have been killed," said Rauhut.
It is known from the results of the investigation of the fossils of the three-horned dinosaur, Triceratops, known also as a fighter. The fossils are supposed to show evidence of tyrannosaurs attacks or other giants of the dinosaur Triceratops.
"We're not saying that fierce battle never took place among the dinosaurs," said David Hone, paleontologist at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of China in Beijing. "I do not want to damage the original drama. But we must look seriously about what is common in the dinosaur world, and probably does not involve the T-Rex wants to hunt down and ripped Triceratops weighing 8 tons, with 1 meter long horns."
Conversely, Rauhut and Hone showed that the giant carnivorous dinosaurs ate most of the young, including the bones. That well explains why the fossil with the bite is rarely found.
"Unlike their brethren who have grown up and have a weapon, the young animals are not harmful to predators," said Rauhut. Bone soft prey will provide important minerals for these carnivores.
The fact that the giant carnivores swallow bones is obvious. Fossilized dung they often contain fragments of bone, showing that they swallowed ribs, spine, and small bones other while eating. Interestingly, the crocodile, one of the closest relatives of dinosaurs, have a liquid strong acid in their stomachs is used to digest the prey bones.
As additional evidence for their ideas, the researchers showed that the discovery of dinosaur nests indicates that there are eggs in very large number of offspring should produce very much. However, surprisingly, the young dinosaur fossil is very rare. Possibly because most of them have been eaten by predators.
It is reasonable to carnivores as good as any T-Rex after the young dinosaurs. At least, the discovery of a dinosaur with a stomach filled with food showed that small prey swallowed whole. In fact, any modern predators choose prey old and sick or young prey who are inexperienced. They are easy prey for predators, was defeated and the risk for injury is much smaller. The possibility of this kind of strategy is also applied by the dinosaurs.
To strengthen the evidence for this opinion, Rauhut suggested a survey of existing fossil collection and find bits and bone with stomach acid in the former location of the new excavations. Holtz also conducted research suggested the dinosaur footprints trail to see the range of the dinosaur age so they can get a picture of the level of death.

source: kompas.com

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