Strange Images, Not Hoax or Photoshop Edited

Maybe you think the following pictures are the result of manipulation in Photosop. In fact this was the original photographs. It's strange, but it was real, really.

1. Giant Chair-table or Mini Human?

This is not engineering, this giant chair table is actually a sculpture in the UK. The creators wanted to make a monument described privacy and solitude of writing.

2. Dog muscular

This is not the result of pull here pull there in Photoshop, muscular dog's name is Wendy, a dog race with a genetic disorder that causes muscle growth is not unusual.

3. Floating writing?

If you stand at this point in the parking lot at the photos, writing "DOWN" looks like a float. Writing was designed by artists who had won the award for innovative parking signs in the parking lot.

4. Falling aircraft?

It seems like a disaster waiting time living alone in the Island of St. Maarten. But it's true. The airport here has a short runway and the end is only 40 meters from the beach. Large aircraft that landed here had little room for landing, the plane would result in the level was very low when it comes to landing, so as though it were just above the heads of the people who are on the beach.

5. Giant Crab?

I hope that the bin size is very small indeed, but in reality it is stuck to the crab where the size is very large. This giant crab from coconut crabs, which is the largest arthropods that live on land.

6. Tennis at the Peak Tower?

This high tennis court may be only for special effects Nike ad? No, this in Dubai, which recently jor-rod makes sense.

They make exhibition tennis match between Andre Agassi and Roger Federer on the helipad at the top of the skyscraper Burj Al Arab. This is the hotel's first dg bintang7 world title.

7. The ship is concerned?

Maybe you think the image above reply is a composite of two photos? In fact the ship in the picture is ship Pasha Bulker is stranded in shallow waters in Australia where there are no settlements nearby.

8. Hookers In the Sea?

Is this lipstick ad? But this really is is a type of batfish, creatures that live on the seabed. Do not know what a suitable name for this creature, "pake bat fish lipstick" may be appropriate. This type of lazy fish to swim and use the fins / arms to crawl on the ocean floor.

9. Gundam robot?

This is not the image patches, this work makes the Japanese robot sculpture full-scale Gundam.

10. So the dog shit?

This photo lest Photoshoper idle behavior and foreleg croping bear this poor dog. In fact these dogs are real life in the Philippines, and was born of such defects


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