Strange Creatures 10 shocking The World

Dr. Takeshi Yamada, researchers from Japan, found that 10 odd creature shocking world of science. One of them is a vampire monkeys in China. As we know about the vampire, the vampire monkey life depends on the blood sucking creatures.
1. Vampire Monkey

This unique creature in many activities with his hands, like humans. This species was assured as a broken chain of human evolution that is shaped like now. Another uniqueness, this monkey is weaving like a bird nest.

2.Human Ant-Faced

The discovery of this time was no less strange, ant with a human face. In Indian mythology, is believed ill-natured person will be reincarnated into ants. There are lots of ants with a human face found in India, more than in any other country. One example is owned by Dr. Takeshi Yamada is the result of the expedition in 2004. Coney Island Institute also has Anthropoliogical this collection.

3.Prehistoric Horseshoe Crabs

Two new species of horseshoe crabs, allegedly lived during prehistoric times of about 400 million years ago. Recently, these ancient crabs caught by the team of researchers from the University of seabed Osaka japan Still there are four species of crabs to identification ancient life 250 million years ago.

4.Giant Sea Dragon

Called the giant sea dragon is found on the ocean floor Awaji Island. The creature is alleged to have been extinct in the early 20th century.

5.Two-Headed Baby

The mummy is baby-faced, two are now in the museum of medicine at Coney Island Hospital.

6.Blue Merman

That is not less horrible is blue Merman found on the island of Sado. Similar to a lizard or chameleon species. This creature is also dangerous in his hands that could expand. When age increased, these stars would look like a frog.

7.Giant Carniverous Snail

Another discovery was the largest meat-eating snails in the world, in early 2007. These snails also have a supposedly toxic weapons are deadly.

8.Giant chupacabras Snail

The discovery of Dr. Takeshi Yamada is another horrendous giant snails found in the deepest sea. Her legs were like chupacabra, because it was a snail named chupacabras.

9.Fiji Mermaid

Fiji Mermaid 6 feet long like a mermaid found in Shikoku, Japan. Called Ningyo Shinko. Many Shinto religious shrine and Buddhist temple perpetuating this mermaid white human beings come to pray at this tempat2 every day.

10.St. Helena Giant Earwig

Creatures that come from St. Helena is, allegedly to have been extinct in a few decades ago, allegedly because the development of international air port there. Association of Scientists and entomologists observers protested in recent years that caused the extinction of this species. The study led by Dr. Takeshi Yamada in 2005 found several new species of giant earwigs. This research is part of the program carried out at Coney Island University.


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