"Gas Station" electricity is being prepared

Refueling station general or premium filling stations, diesel fuel, and the like gradually coming to an end. Instead, the future will be "filling station" to fill the electricity for electric cars.

It will not be too long. Not in a matter of decades or centuries. Japanese car maker, Nissan, for example, next year will launch the 2012 mass electric cars. One hundred percent of the electricity. Which is not a hybrid combination with fossil fuels. Therefore, Nissan dare say emision production as zero, with no emissions at all.

Nissan's electric car production is now in the testing stage. There are several types. However, that make it unique is the car, both models, size, and passenger capacity, exactly the same as other cars from fossil fuel.

"We want to make changes, but keeping customers always feel comfortable," said Andy Palmer, Senior Vice President of Product Planning, Program Management and Market Intelligence Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. in Yokohama, Japan, early August. Problem selling price, he has not dared to mention.

Climate change

The presence of this electric car is a requirement of the world. Along with global warming and climate change, all parties were asked to "brake" on global warming for example by reducing the use of fossil fuels.

Nissan Motor respond by producing electric cars. "Like it or not, the future will be a source of electrical energy that the world is very reliable," said Chief Operating Officer of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Toshiyuki Shiga.

On the other hand, electrical energy can be obtained from various sources, ranging from hydro, solar, natural gas, wind power, geothermal and even nuclear. Getting electricity was not difficult, could be anywhere, including in the household.

These factors into consideration the direct Nissan "jumped" to produce electric cars. Without the first hybrid car. Nissan is a serious attempt to become the first car manufacturer to produce electric cars in bulk.

In a trial in Yokohama, Japan, early last August, the electric car sped silently at 140 kilometers per hour. The car is able to travel as far as approximately 150 miles before the battery charged again.

Concerns that occurred during this, among other cars cruising limited because the supply of electric power in the battery is also very limited. Nissan responded by making a simple battery charger done anywhere, including at home.

If done in the battery charging or "filling stations" special battery, it will take about two hours. However, along with the increasing quality lithium-ion battery of modern, future charging time takes only 20 minutes-30 minutes.

Charging the battery can also be done anywhere. Besides the "gas station" special, charging can also be done in restaurants, shopping centers, bookstores, or public places that provide other battery charger. "The rest and car driver parked the car battery will be filled," said Teddy Irawan, Marketing Director of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia.

This phenomenon is at once a new business opportunity because "filling station" where electricity does not require extensive and large capital such as conventional gas stations today.

Trends in the world about the use of electric cars would be a challenge for Indonesia. While other countries have abundant electricity, should not Indonesia's abundant energy sources instead of electricity shortage complain.


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