Sophisticated Car Air-fuel

PARIS - The role of oil as the primary fuel source would be replaced. Because, in a few years we will be able to feel the sophistication of a new breakthrough technology from the world of vehicles that can run using air power.

Sophisticated vehicle with a seating capacity of 5 will be marketed. Marketing of this car is very limited because its production is also limited given.

OneCAT, the name of the vehicle was designed by French scientists and investors Guy Negre. Vehicle have body glass fiber with only weighs 350 pounds.

But very affordable price of only 2500 Euros or USD 33,715,000 (the exchange rate USD 13,486). How a fuel air where there is air pressure in the tank will form a carbon fiber that can power the engine propelling the car.

To travel that distance, controlling air compresor piston in order to generate impulse.
Negre said, this work can take thousands of miles of travel or the same as that done by other cars. "The first buyers are people who would know or environmentalists. But the most important thing this car will be more efficient, "said an investor from France, Guy Negre.

Negre promised for the next few years will do more to make the findings more powerful. For Negre ciptaanya this time in collaboration with the Indian businessman.

"This will be a savings on the total expenditure. Imagine we will be able to save all the components of world travel and transportation of all riders, "said Negre.

source: highknotzline

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