Skunk Ape Mystery - a mysterious creature from the Florida

In Canada and northern United States, being tall and shaped great ape known as Bigfoot. But in Florida, such a creature known as the Skunk Ape. From the reports of witnesses, Skunk ape has one characteristic that distinguishes it from Bigfoot, the stinging smell.

Skunk ape's name comes from the word "skunk" which means a skunk (a squirrel who issued the stench) and "ape" which means monkey. Since the 1920s, the appearance Skunk Ape has become a talking point among the hunters. But reports of appearance began intense since the 1970s when real estate developers into the Everglades region.

One of the most famous sightings occurred in February 1971. At that time one of the real estate worker named HC Osborn was camped near the Indian territory in Fort Lauderdale. when he was turned to the outside tent, he accidentally saw a 2.5 meter tall creature weighing about 350 kg were standing.

The creature is shaped like the orangutan and just stood at a distance of several meters from his tent. According to Osborn, his body covered with brown fur and a very unpleasant smell. The next morning, he found the footprints 5, each 45 cm long and 28 cm wide.

Other sightings occurred on the night of June 7, 1975. A child 12-year-old named Ronnie Steves awoke when he heard a commotion outside his house. Want to know, he was soon out of the house where he saw a creature about 2 meters tall form of orangutans that are running. The researchers who received the next day Ronnie report found traces of all 20 cm in the soil.

But news of the skunk ape began to spread more widely when there is the appearance of a mass on July 18, 1997. At that time a group of tourists who are guided by Dow Roland creature found in Turner River Road and saw the creature was a moment when he came out of the woods.

Of the many pictures appearance called the skunk ape, I'll only display one of the most famous photograph in the world. This photo is often referred to as the Myakka photographs.

Many people are asking, why cryptozoology creatures pictures always blurred and indistinct. Not this time. Creature who allegedly Skunk Ape is clearly visible in this photograph. So clearly, this picture is often regarded as a hoax.

The photo was obtained in September 2000 by a woman. That day he saw a creature like the orangutan was walking in his backyard near the Myakka River, Florida. He estimates that about 2 meters high. The woman also said that he smelled a bad smell that accompanies the creature. He took the camera and photographed the creature immediately. He managed to get two photos that get sent to the Sarasota Sheriff's office. The woman refused to call his identity because he did not want the hunters to meet its properties.

This photo was reaping a lot of controversy when it first circulated on the Internet in 2000. In the world of cryptozoology, has never been considered a creature cryptid camera caught so obvious, even the creature's face clearly visible. This is the reason why many people doubt it.

Another reason people doubt it is the pose in the photo being very similar to the model of Bigfoot in Ripley museum in Wisconsin. Besides the plants shown in the picture named Palmetto generally not been planted in people's backyard. So the story apocryphal female photographer.

But some believe the authenticity of the photo. The creature's eyes are red confirmed that these creatures live. If the creature is a man with a monkey clothes, his eyes will not shine (although in my opinion could have added the red-eye effect with photoshop).

Maybe many of you who think this picture a fake, but believe it or not, the world's top researchers could not provide definitive conclusions that are false images, including experts such as Loren Coleman's cryptozoology.

During woman photo does not reveal his true identity, perhaps this picture will continue to be a puzzle.

But if indeed the creature in the photograph is a person with a monkey costume dress, so I wanted to know where to buy these costumes ....

source : enigma

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