Place of Entertainment The dreamer: D

1. Life-style wine experts at Hotel Marques de Riscal, La Rioja, Spain

The place is located in northern Spain was designed by famed architect Frank Gehry. Here you can enjoy the scenery of the vineyard or tasting the best wines in the restaurant world in 1860. After dinner, you can rest while enjoying the booze before going to bed at The Wine Bar Vinoteca. While morning, you can feel with therapeutic spa treatments at the Caudalie wine spa Vinotherapie.

2. Life-style president at the Hotel Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi, Brazil

This place offers a life like a millionaire with a package worth U.S. $ 5500 or approximately USD 55.4 million. You can feel the journey by helicopter to and from the hotel, greeted with champagne and chocolates on arrival, and the key to the room Presidential Suite. Enjoy your dinner in your luxury room for two people and breakfast in bed before returning to the helipad on the hotel rooftop.

3. Life-style of ancient Greek population in the Candili Estate, Euboea Island, Greece

Standing in an area of 10 thousand hectares, Sparta Fitness Holidays make you change from ordinary human into a Grecian god through a similar program sports ancient Greek Olympic games such as roads or running in the mountains, body resistance exercises and weight, and stress massage .

4. Life-style soldiers in the Ashram, California, United States

For vacation can make you sweat, it's here. In the course of one week, you will be trained as soldiers. Its activities are hiking for five hours, three hours of yoga, physical exercise for an hour, and swam for an hour.

5. Life style of the poet in In The Write Light, Tarifa, Costa del la Luz, Spain

In this place, write passion you'll dig in a creative writing workshop. Start with homemade novel you always dreamed of. Then proceed to hang out with fellow lovers of literature at the beach. Lasted for four days, this course includes informal workshops that will develop your artistic talent to write.

6. Surfer-style living in Ocean Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

This place provides a combination of activities between surfing and yoga. Resort-style vacation home was built on shady land area of 27 hectares. With a bohemian style vacation, every morning you can start the day with yoga before continuing with the instructions to surf on the beach.

7. Cowboy life in the Triple Peak Cow Camp, Wyoming, United States

Set in the Wyoming Mountain Range, in this place tents lined cowboy place where you can have dinner and a barbecue grill before going to sleep in the bed roll. Then you can proceed with the daytime activities horse riding as far as 10 thousand hectares, while seeing bands of 800 cows to a thousand pairs.

8. Life-style Buddhist hermit monks in Kopan Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal

Each year, more than 200 foreign tourists visited the place in this Himalayan foothills. There they can participate in the 30-day enlightenment activities. In addition, it also offers a seven to ten days of meditation activities for the less trusting of Buddhism.

9. Maharaja-style living in the Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India

Set floating in the middle of Lake Pichola, the northern part of Rajasthan, India, where it is the second best place after the Taj Mahal. Here you can walk down a page or a fountain decorated with pundimanja at the Taj Spa. Then you too can have dinner in the exotic supermewah, Neel Kamal Restaurant.

10. Eskimo-style living in ICEHOTEL, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

The place is 200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle in Sweden is quite famous all over the world. Starting from the reception desk to the bed made of ice taken from the Torne River. You can check in the hotel, warming themselves with special feathered Eskimo clothing, and enjoy the amazing art of ice before sipping alcoholic beverages in the Absolut ICEBAR. For those who want the adrenaline pumping activities, you can try activities snow tractor driving and fishing in the ice water.


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