Pastor of Bellingham Church Join Ramadan Fasting

Though not a Muslim, Ben Ries, a priest at Sterling Drive Church of Christian, Bellingham, the U.S. decided lo go fast with Muslims during this Ramadan. In addition to seeking to understand Islam better, Pastor Ries wanted to feel how the suffering of those who suffer from hunger in several countries in the world.

"Fasting increases our concern about the problem of hunger in the world," Ries said in Monday editions Bellingham Herald (31 / 8). He also said that fasting helped not only to become a better Christian, but also as a pastor, husband, father and part of the religious community.

"One of my reflections is the question 'Who am I in this world?". I do not mean to narcissistic as to think what is this I thought, "Ries said that just two years ago became a priest in a small assosiasion in Bellingham.

In running fast Ramada, Pastor Ries also conducted dawn like any other Muslims. Although he admitted a little difficult to eat at the dawn of time because he was not among the ordinary people who ate breakfast with a heavy meal.

Before deciding to go fast, Father Ries trying to find someone who could help shed light on the month of Ramadan. With the help of Google, he found the name Monem Salam, president of Saturna Brokerage Services in Bellingham. Ries and then send an email to ask if Hail and Hail would be his mentor during the month of Ramadan.

Salam is also one of the Muslim leaders agreed in Bellingham. "It would be a good friendship. We can mutually learn from each other," said the Salam's family. Both of family then met over dinner and discussion about fasting and Ramadan.

Pastor Ries writes all the experiences and reflections during the run fast in Ramadan in the form of a journal. He hopes the experience he wrote it would be a step forward to make this world a better place.

"As a Christian, I believe that the world is being damaged, not what should happen," said Ries.

Salam also hopes the experience to fast in Ramadan, written Rich could have a positive impact, especially the understanding of the church congregation and other non-Muslims to Islam. "Hopefully, in the future, we see more and more people who come to fast during Ramadan," please Salam. (ln / IOL)


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