Noordin M Top Bodies is departed

SOLO - Four terrorist suspects coffin along with the body of one other victim, Thursday afternoon (17 / 9 / 2009) sent to Pondok Cabe, Jakarta through the airport Adisumarmo Lanud, Solo.

The plan to raid four bodies of victims of the 88 densus raid early this morning, in the village kepoh Mojosongo, Solo will be brought police hospital, Kramat Jati to the identification process.

Earlier in the departure of the four bodies that is wrapped in four body bags, the morning after the demolition at 8:00 o'clock the crime scene had increased to one aircraft type Foker 50.

But the four bodies and then lowered back into the four cases included the following bodies on the inputs to the aircraft foker 50, belonged to the police who then flew to Pondok Cabe, Jakarta at 11:30.

The atmosphere was so tense the airport when the body of the leave . Bodies are transported by four different ambulance was on a tight guard densus 88 members who stand by in the area of the airport.

Not known anyone who died in the terrorist's house demolition by special anti-terrorist unit

However, one outstanding body of information from the four bodies of the aircraft carrier into the 27's foker Police Headquarters, reportedly is a terrorist kingpin who in the search, ie, Noordin M Top.

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