NASA Develops Robots of 'Transformers'

Robots to be a star in the Transformers movie was amazing and could change shape quickly. In the real world robots that turned out to work the system like a robot Transformers are also in development.

Is the United States space agency, NASA, who developed a robot named Superbot who could change shape like Transformers was. Although not able to turn into a car or a jet, but the technology is quite sophisticated.

The robot was initially split into a hundred parts and then dropped from a plane into the desert.

Well, in this desert, the parts can be unified and Superbot transformed into a wheeled vehicle to walk in the desert. If the field turned into a hill, the robot also changed the form by removing the legs to climb.

Quoted from FOXNews, Monday (29/6/2009), NASA researchers hope that robots could transform itself independently. If environmental conditions change, the robot can also adjust the body shape automatically.

"If the robot had to climb something, he immediately brought the foot. If you have to down the valley, she turned into a ball and rolling, "said Wei-Min Shen, director of the Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory at the University of Southern California who helped handle Superbot.

Superbot possible forms itself from various parts separately. For each separate module is independent robots. Separate sections are communicating via radio or infrared which could unite the body.

source: de-rarz

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