The Mystery Solved: The Beautiful light in the sky was astronaut's Urine Water

Abe Megahed
Photos taken Abe Megahed of Madison, Wisconsin, Wednesday, which showed the light in the sky when space shuttle Discovery throw dirty water.

A few days ago, observers trace the sky was fascinated by the beautiful light in the sky that looked like a mysterious sky phenomenon. They wondered whether they had seen, before finally learned that beautiful light coming from the urine of the astronauts.
The visible light shining Wednesday night came as astronauts in space shuttle Discovery discard the dirty water tank into the sky.
Drainage was carried out pilot flight mission STS-128 Kevin Ford, who threw urine and other waste water from the space shuttle before it landed on Earth. Water is removed about 68 kilograms. The reflection of sunlight makes it look wastewater shining from Earth.

Discovery previously visited the international space station (ISS). However, the 10-day visit, the plane was not allowed to throw their trash in order not to contaminate the module Kibo.
Module Kibo is Japanese research labs mounted on the ISS to conduct experiments in space environment. Air emissions from aircraft feared contaminated experimenting.
Waste water is usually frozen and the ice clouds to form. When exposed to the sun, the grain was turned into water vapor and spread into space. Well, that's waste water that looks as beautiful light from Earth.


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