Motorcycle Concept Future

If you ever imagine what a motorcycle in the future look at the designs of this motor. Some had been made, but not practical to enter mass production line. Some may be new again just a creative design course.

Mach Ness

Arlen Ness motorcycle manufacturers create this metal monster powered by a gas-turbine engine helicopter. The outer layer of aluminum with the rivet-rivet reply conspicuous size makes it very unique that will not be obtained from carbon fiber and plastic. body formed entirely by hand, this makes it very difficult motor into mass production line. (source)

ICare Bike Concept

When referring to the design for the motor Batman, it was probably the closest. I Care is not only a super cool concept, but also real sebuh design can be made. Honda engines are powered by 6 cylinder 1.8 liter capacity with two exhauts. We have still not certain to mass produced or not. (source)

Swordfish Motorcycle Concept

if motor never imagined what the future, perhaps none as sweet as this bike. The concept of Alexander Swordfish Kotlyarevsky Motorcycle shows aggressive futuristic design with its hubless wheels. As a whole looks very interesting, the combination of body curves and sharp angles that match the name. (source)

Future Halbo BMW Duo-Wheel

Your reply to find motor racing and the small size and pamper your safety, this may be that you are looking for. John designed the designer Pierre Halbo for people who care about the environment who want something compact and electrically powered. Stationary front wheel and tail behind the turn. So, like driving a motorboat. (source)

Jaguar F-Cycle

His name was not shown in terms of speed. This is more to the actual meaning. Jaguar Concept by M-Cycles is inspired from the form of the logo of the manufacturer Jaguar. Almost 2.5 meters in length with ebony lacquered fiberglass feature iron over steel. (source)

Scarab Motorcycle

His name is like a vehicle in the desert, in fact it is designed for urban situations. This motor can be adapted to stand when parked in anticipation of a city parking lot narrower. 3 The fact you and your friends can use it and just eat the space for a car only. Designer David Miguel Moreira Gonçalves Scarab dream to be used as a rental vehicle as a convenient transportation solutions and environmentally friendly. (source)

Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle

The Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle probably the only bike in this list that is not really technically a motorcycle. Viper V-based motor-10, these vehicles have a powerful 500 HP engine and 4 wheels. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, no matter who had more than 3 wheels can not be categorized as a motorcycle. This makes it also difficult to mass produced. Unfortunately indeed, when the monster this one is just a machine with a wheel that provide great strength of our legs. (source)

Motorcycle ENERGYA

If this one is still categorized as a real motorcycle. With two wheels in front and two make similar his jock race car, but only got a rear wheel. Designers Higgins-Aube members name "MOTOMOBILE", the results intercross motor cars and bicycles. (source)

Ferrari V4 Motorcycle Concept

Ferrari make motor if reference imaginable is his car. Designer Amir Glinik create this motor with hollow body and the angle of the spirit of Ferrari, which combines aesthetics and performance. Ferrari V4 concept is to adapt the control jet fighters F-16 and the buttons from a Formula-1 car. (source)

Nucleus Motorcycle Concept

Nucleus throw away anything in your mind about the figure of a motor concept. To be honest, not like the design concept of the other motor, designed NONOBJECT own distinct from other concepts motorcycle inspiration. We do not use this bike as a box of strange, but when driven the wheels will be elongated and appear to exhibit his jock usefulness. (source)

Magic Tricycle

The Magic Tricycle sounds like a kids toy, but the reality is a motorcycle that magical transformer. When you wan were in the car, this bike will fall down to the side and use the 3 wheels and functioning like a car. But when you wan speeding, this bike will stand with all three wheels were on, which is expected to help balance. (source)

Alien Motorcycle Speed Racer

Motor designer Dan Bailey's creation is like something that appeared in the movies aliens. Based Kawasaki Ninja, this bike is very solid, but is designed with a little surprise but sweet. There is no statement of whether the motor will produce what is not. (source)

Concept 2015 Honda CB750

This motor look like imajinasion as ever in a video-game video 90s. Frame from carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium makes this 2015 Honda CB750 able to carry a heavy burden of the rider. Powered by liquid hydrogen engine has 4 cylinders and features on boar-controlled computers touceh an OLED screen. Radar technology to make this bike will slow down when going to crash. Of course, this feature can be disabled like you do not reply. (source)

source : kaskus

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