Mayan calendar and 2012 - Explanation

Several years later, we often hear about the virtual and the end of calendar 2012. We're still going to hear it again until December 21, 2012. So I think there's no harm in writing about the Mayan calendar. This paper is a continuation of my previous posting titled Planet X, Nibiru and its relationship with the end of 2012.

I asked a reader of this blog to write about the Mayan calendar, but it must be with an easily understandable. Actually the Mayan calendar is difficult to understand. But I will try to discuss it in simpler terms. This post just to increase knowledge, there is no element of mystery. (Sorry if not interesting).

We start from a fact that you may not know. If we only know one kind of calendar, the Gregorian calendar, the Mayan calendar has 22 species. But forget the 22 calendar, we will only discuss the 3 most famous calendar.

Three calendar are:
1. Tzolkin.
2. Haab
3. Long Count

I will discuss the first two calendar briefly.

Consists of a religious cycle of 260 days. Tzolkin composed of 20 weeks, each consisting of 13 days (13 days x 20 weeks = 260 days). Each week has their own logo like zodiac or the Chinese zodiac.

Consists of 365 days, just like the calendar that we use. Haab consists of 18 months, each consisting of 20 days (20 days X 18 months = 360 days). There are five days remaining often considered unlucky because it does not go into any month. Each month has its own logo.

The second calendar is the calendar cycle and the circle will meet after 52 Haab.

Now, forget the second calendar. We will see the third calendar often associated with the end of 2012.

Long Count
In contrast to the Tzolkin and the Haab calendar cycle, the Long Count is a linear calendar days starting from 1, the same as the calendar that we use. When we started our calendar from the year 1 AD. So Long Count calendar starts from August 13, 3114 BC (date of creation of the earth according to the Maya).

Gregorian calendar we use has an element of day, week, month and year.

Long count has an element of kin, uinal, tun, cotton, baktun.

Do not be confused! This explanation.

1 kin = 1 day
1 uinal = 20 kin = 20 days
1 tun = 18 kin uinal = 360 = 360 days
1 katun = 20 tun = 7200 kin = 7200 days
1 baktun = 20 katun = 144,000 kin = 144,000 days

Writing a virtual calendar to follow the above sequence but starting from the right.

Date 12-09-2009 - Gregorian format.

I convert the date above to the long count calendar format by using software that I found on the internet and change the date format to be like this: - format long count.

This means that 12 baktun, 19 cotton, 16 tun, 12 uinal, 4 kin. If we convert to the number of days (kin), then:

(12 x 144,000) + (19 x 7200) + (16 x 360) + (12 x 20) + (4 x 1) = 1870804 days since creation.

easy to understand right?

But you are confused reply. Forget the above terms. To determine the origin coming December 21, 2012, just remember this:

1 baktun equal to 144,000 today.

Where did the year 2012 come from?
According to a book called Popol Vuh of the details of creation, we live in the creation of the 4. Popol Vuh tells us that the creation of the first three failed to do by the gods. Creation of the 4 was successful and the man placed on earth.

According to the Mayan Long Count, the creation of the 3 who failed to end on August 13 3114 BC.

Creation of the 4 starting on that date and will expire after 13 baktun.

13 baktun if written by Maya format to Then by using the calculation method that I demonstrated above, the result is:

13 baktun x 144,000 days = 1,872,000 days = 5125 years. Remember, 1 baktun = 144,000 days.

If calculated from the date of August 13 3114 BC, the day will fall to 1,872,000 on December 21, 2012.

Now you understand?

According to the Maya, the day will end in the creation baktun to-13. This is a big cycle. From this came the interpretation Hour December 21, 2012.

And now, only three questions that I will discuss:

How to interpretation by those who believe the end of 2012 about what would happen on December 21, 2012?

Controversy accompanies the interpretation of what is and is there anyone else who opposed him?

Did the Maya really think of Resurrection will happen in 2012?

The third question I will discuss in another posting. Because later on too long.

source : xfile-enigma.blogspot

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