A Man Skin changes Blue, Coz himself medicine formula


Is Paul Karason [57], a man from Madera, California, suddenly appeared on the show 'live' NBC Today and surprised many people. How not, the man nicknamed "Papa Smurf" has an unusual skin color is blue.

"Disaster that occurred when Karason treat skin infections suffered by drug 'Colloidal Silver'"

Karason very depressed with the skin disease he suffered, where the disease had also claimed the lives of his father about 14 years ago. Because of his desperation, he decided to treat the disease through medication alone is make it 'Colloidal Silver' is also a recipe long before discovered 'penicillin'.


"Wherever I go, I always use it and I have been accustomed to" the man who earned the nickname "Papa Smurf", as quoted ananova, Wednesday [9/1/2008].

To cure the disease itself prescribe Karason though it does not treat skin diseases. But he said that since the use of the drug acid disease, sinus and joint inflammation disappeared.

The use of substances 'Silver' banned in the U.S. since 1999 because it causes skin turned blue. [ANV / dec]. Rileks.com

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