Malaysia Insist That Pendet Absolutely Indonesia Owned

Compass / Benny Dwi Koestanto
Pendet, one of the wealth of art and culture Indonesia Malaysia claimed.

Government of Indonesia and Malaysia have agreed to avoid unilateral claim of ownership of cultural products tend to clump or universal. Such claims are highly sensitive and should not happen again.
As stated by Indonesian Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda in a press conference after receiving a visit Malaysian Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman, Thursday (17 / 9) in Jakarta. At the time Hassan gave these explanations, Anifah who stood beside him smiling with a nod-nod of the head.
RI-Malaysia agreed to attempt to reduce the negative issues that can interfere with good relationships, which already existed since centuries. One sensitive issue that must be avoided is the claim of ownership of cultural products cluster.
Hassan explained, he and Anifah acknowledge that there is art and culture locally, but also there are widespread or universal. There Indonesian cultural products are introduced and developed in Malaysia. Or vice versa, there is a culture that developed melayu Malaysia in Indonesia.
"The product of our culture in Malaysia, Europe, and everywhere. There are parts of our cultural heritage is also found in Malaysia, "said Hassan.

There was an oversight

Indonesia, Hassan said, had asked Malaysia to give an official clarification on Pendet case. It's been done at the level of senior officials and ministers of both countries, including tourism and cultural between each ministry of the neighbors country.
"There has been a good agreement to avoid such cases does not happen again," said Hassan explained.
Anifah added, Indonesian citizens are many and growing in Malaysia, as well as cultural products from the first ancestors.
"Culture is inherited very thick. In Pendet case, we agree that it belonged to Indonesia. The Government and people of Malaysia have never claimed to be owned. It's just a mistake made by the Discovery Channel, "said Anifah.
According to him, Malaysia was proud to see many Indonesian cultural products are introduced in foreign countries, including in Malaysia. "There are many similarities and should not be questioned. Everything we can negotiate, "said Anifah.
Another thing that is also mentioned in the meeting is a matter of Indonesian migrant workers (TKI). Anifah said his government was calling the company (estate) is being unjust to the workers.
Malaysian Foreign Minister also admitted that the foreign workers, including migrant workers, has increased the country's economic productivity.


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