Intimate body associated with Ancient Egypt since age

IN Sex science, had sex with the corpse known as necrophilia. In Greek, means the body nekro. This disorder is also called thanatofilia or necrolagnia.

There are 3 types of people with necrophilia. First, necrophilic Homicide, the sufferer should be killed first in order to get the body and obtain sexual gratification. Second, regular necrophilia, the person only uses the dead bodies for sexual pleasure.

Third, necrophilic fantasy, the person fantasizing having sex with a corpse, but did not do it. Theories about the motives of someone doing a first sexual deviation because he was afraid to relate to normal. He was afraid of rejection that occurs automatically affect the psychological and sexual activity. Bodies are considered sexual objects will not be able to resist or refuse the sexual desire.

Jasmine saw the case then this makes sense. Jasmine seems to love of one hand clapping. Goodness Alia misinterpreted by Iwan. To get love Alia, Iwan through inhumane way. Deviant act is actually not new. History of Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago noted, the husband treated his wife feared dead by embalming obscene, save his wife's body in the house until it was rotting.

One who has become a legend until now was King Herod who killed his wife, then had sex with her body for more than 7 years. While in some ancient cultures the activity of media used to communicate with the jinn. In the path of history, recorded Sergeant Bertrand of the 74th regiment of the French military cemetery never dismantle several women and having sex with her corpse.

Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck (died 1916) is also expected to do with the corpse of his first wife that he kept in a giant tank of alcohol. There is also a man named Henri Blot the dismantling of a ballet dancer's grave, Fernande Mery, in March and June 1886 and had sex with the corpse.


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