A-H1N1 vaccine Novartis Artificial Need Only 1 dose

BARCELONA, - the vaccine manufacturer from Switzerland, Novartis, was mentioned Thursday, the flu vaccine for the A-H1N1 may already be effective only with one dose not like the recommendations that have been presented before, ie more than two doses.

In initial testing in humans, the Novartis AG said that once the vaccine injections has been protecting us from viruses. This was conveyed by policy makers in the field of medicine in the United States and Europe.

Most experts think, two doses would be needed to enhance immunity against influenza A-H1N1 new variant. However, last Tuesday with the manufacturer Sinovac China, approved the use of vaccines with a single dose.

"These initial results provide the passion," Andrian said Oswald, CEO of Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics sector in a statement. "This is the information
important for public health care officials are preparing a vaccine with a limited inventory. "

Meanwhile, the WHO world health agency will not comment about the vaccine production because Novartis has not seen the data. WHo said, several companies are producing a vaccine formulation with a single dose of which of course could theoretically increase the supply of flu vaccine A-H1N1.

Novartis own party said that this conclusion is based on the results of experiments conducted in the UK over 100 people aged between 18 and 50, who received the vaccine either one or two doses. The test is also applied to 6000 people around the world for this vaccine.

The result, those who received injections of two doses of vaccine had immune responses better. However, one injection is sufficient to protect the past two weeks after injection.

Even so, not so clear, what does this finding with the global vaccine supply. Since not all the drug manufacturers can easily copy made by Novartis vaccine recipe. Novartis Vaccines produced using cell culture, while 90 percent of the world's vaccine is made using chicken eggs.


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