Green Roof, Green Parks in Roof Building


Plants and flowers like the flow of blood to the earth, providing oxygen for humans and animals. Yet not everyone is fortunate to have enough space to create a green garden, especially in urban residents. But that does not hinder the building designers and urban planners to create green space. There is no vacant land, building roof was so.

1. Waldspirale

Waldspirale is an apartment in Darmstadt, Germany, built in the 1990s. His name means wooded spiral, reflecting the plan of the building and also has a garden on the roof. Architect Heinz M. Springmann, this building was completed in 2000.

2. California Academy of the Sciences

Rana Creek, who built the garden nursery on the roof of the Academy, with innovative plants and make soil erosion on the slope is not. Using tree sap and coconut husks from, they create pores absorb, the green lines that are not landslides. Each three-inch thick with an area 17 inches square and constructed as set tile floor. In a matter of weeks the roots of the plants make coalesce into a solid planting of land.

3. Roof Garden on Fifth Ave

This park in a building on Fifth Ave, New York City. It is said that the spiderman movie with his girlfriend taken at this location.

4. Park at the 40th Story Building on HDB

5. Singapore School of Art and Design

Designers building arts and design schools in Singapore is creating a green public space in locations that are not unexpected.

There is also a swimming-pool, palm trees, small islands, etc. very interesting in terms of aesthetics and beauty as well, of course, the freshness of green space.

4. Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

5. Fukoka Building ACROS, Japan

6. The roof garden at Upper St. Six Floors. Luke's International Hospital, Akashi, Tokyo

7. Penthouse roof garden in New York

This is one example of a building roof rich people in New York.

8. On the roof garden at the Spa Club

Its location on the roof of the building at the spa club section Embarcadero in San Francisco.

9. The roof garden at Battery Park City Solaire

The Solaire, a residential block in New York that was built with a focus on the concept of eco-friendly.

10. City Hall building in Chicago

To save energy and money on air conditioning costs during summer, dicptakan green park sebuat on Chicago's City Hall building in 2000.

We have thousands of tenaman grow here with more than 150 species of plants and utility bills could save up to $ 5000 dollars per year.

10. The Australian Parliament Building in Canberra

Baruini new parliament building in Australia is redesain with a green roof. (Compare this with the roof of the parliament building (Parliament) in Indonesia that is truly "green", hehehe.)

11. Largest green roof in the world at Ford Plant

The Ford Rouge Factory Motors, designed by Bill McDonough, is the largest green roof in the world that the width reaches 454 thousand square feet. (Source)

See also other projects on the roof of green building ( "green roof") here.

It seems anything can be planted on the roof of the building, if you do not believe see pictures old buildings in Italy below. But that is a little too far. I could have the building itself could be damaged by the plants.


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