Grave of Tan Malaka Excavated Tomorrow

KEDIRI, - Tool Selopanggung original villages, Sub Cement, Kediri regency, East Java, has prepared the demolition of the tomb skeleton suspected to have left-wing revolutionaries, Tan Malaka.

"We no special preparation for the demolition of the tomb, which we have set up technical equipment and labor to disassemble the tomb," said the chief Selopanggung Muh Zahiri, Saturday (12 / 9).

He admitted that he had appointed people who helped the alleged demolition of the tomb are the framework of Tan Malaka, while for the village itself will help the evacuation and various other equipment.

Demolition of the tomb, Zahiri said, will be Sunday (13 / 9) morning. Currently, a number of national committees have come to the village, and even some of them are staying with residents.

Meanwhile, Zulfikar Khamarudin who is the nephew of Tan Malaka admitted, his side had confirmed it would expose the grave. It has done co-ordination, both with the village, and the police in connection with the demolition plan.

To assist the research process, by taking samples of skeletal remains for DNA testing, it involves three doctors from FKUI. Hopefully, with the time schedule, the results can be seen three weeks later.

"For now, we just dismantle the tomb to take samples for DNA tests. Both will be negative or positive outcome, we will officially announce," said Zulfikar.

Alluding to the next step, he said he would immediately go back to Jakarta for the purposes of DNA testing. However, if the results came back positive, it will return to coordinate with the national committee to plan follow-up.

Previously, Director of Publishing for the Royal Dutch Institute of Caribbean Studies, and Southeast Asia or the KITLV in Leiden Harry A Poeze since 1971 trying to uncover the struggle and death of Tan Malaka. Poeze conclusion, Tan Malaka was killed by army-led Battalion Sikatan Soekotjo Second Lieutenant, and died on February 21, 1949. However, Zulfikar admitted that his side had not dared to take the conclusions more, since so far only be carried out DNA tests.

Meanwhile, the head of the Social Welfare Department Waris Kediri District argues, it remains to ask, whether to family or national committee for not bringing in the framework of these grave sites, although the results are not the bodies of Tan Malaka.

However, if you find that a positive result, Regency has had to organize the next step and make these graves, with the orientation will serve as historical tours, such as Bung Karno's grave in Blitar.

"We hope that the tomb was not transferable from the district. Pemkab already has plans to build a grave site, and made a tour of history," says Waris.

So Who is Tan Malaka?

tan malaka

REVOLUTIONARY the legendary guerrilla
Re-type the brainwashed, Jakarta Extreme fanzine, June'99, Issue # 7.

Tan Malaka, Ibrahim Datuk full-Tan Malaka by his descendants he included Minangkabau tribe. On June 2, 1897 in the village of View Gadang-West Sumatra-Tan Malaka was born. He was one of the nation that is extraordinary, it can be said even par with national figures who brought the nation to the independence of Indonesia such as Sukarno, Hatta, Syahrir, Moh.Yamin and others.

Militant fighters, radical and revolutionary has a lot of thinking gave birth to the original, weighted and brilliant to play a major role in the history of Indonesian independence struggling. With persistent struggle so he earned the nickname of the legendary revolutionary figure. In 1921 Tan Malaka had to jump into the political arena. With the blazing spirit of a poor shack, Tan Malaka many youths gather communist. The Younger is much too intelligent discussion with Semaun (vice ISDV) of the revolutionary movement in the Netherlands Indies government. It is also planning an educational organization in the form of PKI (Indonesian Communist Party) members and SI (Syarekat Islam) to construct a system of cadre courses and communist teachings, movements of communist action, speaking skills, journalistic skills and lead the people. But the Dutch government forbade the establishment of such courses is that taking decisive action for participants.

Seeing that Tan Malaka have the intention to establish schools as the children of the SI for the creation of new cadres. Also with the first reason: to give a lot of roads (to students) to get a living in the capitalist world (arithmetic, writing, reading, geography, Dutch, Malays, Javanese and others); second,
giving freedom to the disciple to follow the passion (hobby) in the form of their associations; third, to improve the lot of the kromo (weak / poor). To establish the school, meeting room converted into SI Semarang schools, and schools were growing so quickly that the school was becoming increasingly large.
Tan Malaka's struggle is not only limited to the intellectual efforts of the Indonesian people at the time, but also the movements against injustice, as do the workers against the government of the Dutch East Indies via VSTP and strike actions, along with leaflets as a propaganda tool aimed at to the people so that people can see the injustice that is received by the workers.

As Tan Malaka in apidatonya in front of the workers "All the labor movement to issue a general strike as an expression of sympathy, if the later failure of the happen employees would be laid off will be pushed to fight tenaciously in the revolutionary movement". Tan Malaka's struggle with the communist party in the world is obvious. He not only has the right to give suggestions and criticism and conduct but also the right to say vetonya the actions undertaken in the communist party workers. Tan Malaka also must conduct oversight to the basic budget, programs and tactics of the Comintern (Communist International) and Profintern as prescribed in Moscow congresses followed by the communist world.

Thus the responsibility as the representative answered Comintern heavier than its membership in the PKI. As a leader who was very young he put the responsibility on his shoulders heavy saangat. Tan Malaka and some friends kawannyamemisahkan yourself and then decide the relationship with the PKI, Sardjono-Alimin-Musso. 1926 uprising engineered by the resulting decision Prambanan suicide for the national struggle against the occupiers people of Indonesia at that time.
1926 rebellion is only the noise fluctuations and small riots in several regions in Indonesia. So easily in a short time the Dutch colonialists could end it. As a result of thousands of political combatants captured and detained. There are tortured, some killed and many were exiled to Boven Digul Irian Jaya. This event is used as a pretext by the Dutch to arrest, detain and remove any people who opposed them, though not PKI. So national struggling got a very heavy blow and a big decline and paralyzed for years.
Tan Malaka who was abroad at that time, together with some friends in Bangkok. In the Thai capital, with Soebakat and Djamaludddin Tamin, Tan Malaka in June 1927 proclaimed the establishment of the Republican Party of Indonesia (PARI). Two years before Tan Malaka had written "Towards the Republic of Indonesia". Was shown to the fighters and intellectuals in Indonesia in the Netherlands. Publication of the book the first time in Kowloon, China, April 1925. Prof. Moh. Yamin historians and legal experts in our famous, in his writing "Mr. Tan Malaka Republic of Indonesia" commented: "It is like Washington than Jefferson's design for the Republic of the United States before independence is achieved or predicted Rizal Bonifacio Philippines Philippines before the revolution broke out ...."

Characteristic of Tan Malaka's ideas are: (1) was formed by the scientific thinking based on scientific evidence, (2) As a centrist Indonesia, (3) Futuristic and (4) Independent, firmly and consistently. Tan Malaka ideas poured into about 27 books, brochures and hundreds of articles in various newspapers published by the Dutch East Indies. Magnum opus "MADILOG" invited and introduced to the Indonesian way of scientific thinking is not thinking in study or recitation, not a "Text book thinking", or is not dogmatic and not doctrinaire. Madilog a new term in the way of thinking, by linking scientific evidence and develop the road and the method in accordance with the cultural roots and veins Indonesia as part of world culture. Evidence is facts are facts and proof floor science. For philosophy, idealism is the first principal and the mind (mind), unity, thoughts and sensations. Considers the materialist philosophy of nature, objects and tangible objective reality existing around as, the principal and the first.

For Madilog (Materialism, Dialectics, logic) of the principal and the first is evidence, though not yet be explained rationally and logically, but if the facts as the basis of scientific evidence that there are concrete, even if science can not be rationally explained and can not answer, why and how. All works of Tan Malaka an te problem is starting with Indonesia. it's concrete the Indonesian people, situations and conditions of the archipelago and the culture, history and ends with how the direct solution of the problem.

The way the real tradition of the Indonesian nation with historical background is not a way of thinking that "text book thinking" and to reach the Republic of Indonesia has been coined since 1925 through "Naar de Republic of Indonesia". If we read the works of Tan Malaka covering all areas of society, state, political, economic, social, cultural to military ( "Gerpolek"-Guerilla-Politics and Economics, 1948), then we will find scholarship and white thread and yarn Indonesianness Red independence, consistent and consistent manner that is clear in direnda ideas and struggles it's implemetation.Peristiwa July 3, 1946 which was preceded by the arrest and detention of Tan Malaka, with the leadership of the Union of Struggle, in jail without trial for two and a half years.
After the rebellion erupted FDR / PKI in the Madiun, September 1948 with the leadership of Amir Syarifuddin Musso and Tan Malaka just released from prison due to the incident. Outside, after evaluating the situation very badly for the Republic of Indonesia from 1947 Linggajati and Renville in 1948, which is the fruit of the diplomacy and the Prime Minister Syahrir AmirSyarifuddin, Tan Malaka pioneered the establishment of proletarian Party, November 7, 1948 in Yogyakarta. And in February 1949 precisely Tan Malaka was killed, missing its place indeterminate, death does not necessarily his grave in the midst of struggle "Guerilla defense Proclamation" in Pethok, Kediri, East Java. However, based on Presidential Decree No. RI. 53, signed by President Sukarno March 28, 1963 stipulates that Tan Malaka was a hero of national independence. (Defender)


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