Genius Boy (9 years) Can Almost All Programming Language

Su Lieyi (9), boys from Taian City, Shandong Province, reportedly very good in some programming language.

He has made a personal website, developed the software, and college level with autodidak, such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Xinxin Liu, Su Lieyi mother, in an interview with the newspaper Qilu Evening News, that the Su showed great interest in computers since the age of 7 years, when first introduced to computers. At that time, he bought some basic level of computer books.

Within 2 years, Su mastered more than a dozen programming languages. At the age of 8 years, he learned C language, VF (Visual FoxPro), VB (Visual Basic), VC (Visual C), VC + +, BASIC, Pascal, PHP, JAVA, and ASP (Active Server Page).

According to Liu, Su take advantage of some free software is available on the Internet to develop his own operating system. As a forum moderator gave Su a Microsoft recruitment, assessment form for the test. He scored 90.

Su completed his own website in less than a month. He said, "Actually, the website is a forum. Aims to tell people who want to share the same interest in programming. "

Su is now studying at home. Her mother says that when the age of 7 years, Su entered the fifth grade elementary school to obtain recognition of the school but found he had mastered all the knowledge taught in school.

When Su age of 8 years, he entered junior high. He can answer all the questions that teachers provide. A surprise for the teacher that Su passed the test with a value of 100 for math and high value for Mandarin and English.

Liu and their children to school. Material taught in this school for Su also easy to understand. He often scored 90 in the field of mathematics and ranked first in the field of physics.

Su is currently studying books such as college-level advanced math. Liu said, "He never read a whole book. He often checked the contents pages of books and reading one of which he was interested. Then read it carefully to fully understand its contents. "(Epochtimes / BDN) ERABARU

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