Found, the coldest place on Earth


- Scientists have identified a place that is believed to be the coldest in the world. Location known as the A's Ridge is located 14,000 feet and is located on the Antarctic plateau.

As winter it has an average temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius and very remote, so that no human being is estimated that over there.

A team of scientists from America and Australia to identify Ridge A from satellite images and model climatology when looking for the best observation locations in the world.

These locations are in Australian Antarctic territory, nearly 90 miles from the observation that the robot was already there.

Will Saunders, head of the study noted that in addition to very low temperatures, the location of water contain very low in the air. "There was so calm and almost no wind and even the weather," he said.

combination of all these elements make it perfect for astronomical observation post. "Astronomical images taken from the Ridge A, at least three times sharper than the usual place used by astronomers," said Saunders.

"Because the sky darker and not cloudy, it means a simple telescope has the same power with which even the largest telescopes on earth.

The scientists believe that if the telescope is placed in these locations can approach the quality of images that Hubble telescope in space.

Currently the best place on earth observation lies at the top of a mountain in Hawaii and Chile.


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