Fish With Crocodile Head

Susceptible Cut Knives, believed Watcher Snake River,

PERBAUNGAN a fish-like fish, cork and crocodile-like head, shocking residents Pasiran Environment, Pekan Simpang Tiga Sub District, District Perbaungan, Sergai. Until yesterday (13 / 9), residents take turns to see the strange fish was believed to be sacred.

To Posmetro MEDAN, Riska (35), wife of Razali aka Buyung, inventor of the crocodile's head fish, weird fish was lured to Saturday (12 / 9) at around 23.00 pm on the banks of the Snake River. The next day, Buyung fishing check. Of 14 hook attached, there is only one fish. But Buyung surprised to see fish caught in fishing

Shape like a cork and fish has gills, fins and tail. But the head like a crocodile. Arriving at home, Buyung put the surviving fish in a container. Before long, Riska intend to cook it though oddly shaped. "It's hard because the pieces of fish scales were hard times. I use a knife cut does not work, I was forced to cut a new small ax used to break the deck, "said the mother of this child 4.

Dared not cook it because it is prohibited citizens, who cut two fish were placed in a small steamer and a spectacle citizens. It has a strange fish about 40 cm long and weighing 500 grams with the characteristics of larger fish scales and hard and golden. At the head is round spots with a golden color.

"Before we found these strange fish or husband I never had a strange dream or a hunch. The plan will be cooked but not the citizens. Fear of anything, "explained Riska. Separate one psychic, Suryadi (43), claimed the fish is the basic spirits supernatural beings Snake River. He deplored the fish was cut. "It should be removed. In the next few days, families will be visited by the inventor of the fish through a dream, "he explained. (Malik)

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