Facts About Death

1. Before death, hearing is the last sense to leave our bodies. First senses that will 'go' is a vision, followed by taste, smell and touch.?


2. Human head is still in a conscious state for 15 to 20 seconds after the cut!


? 3. Bodies on this day slower decay than the first because there are a lot of preservatives in the foods we eat. One more fact, decomposing bodies of four times faster in water than those buried in the ground.


4. Over 2.500 people die each year lefty from using custom-made goods to do-use your right hand.


5. When Alexender the Great died in 323 BC, a typical road has been made from Babylon to Egypt to bring the body. If the estimated cost of the corpse Alexender with currency values on this day, biayanyanya budgeted U.S. $ 600 million!


6. Not long before Thomas Edison died in 1931, his friend Henry Ford had taken his last breath, and store it in a bottle.


7. Creator of Star Wars TV series, Gene Roddenberry is the first man to ashes interred body in space.


? 8. Ancient Egyptian society cats are considered sacred animals. Therefore, they would shave their foreheads when they are dead pet cat.


Source: eksplorasi-dunia.blogspot.com

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