English Making a Space Shuttle-Fighting Hour

Fighting plane Rapture - Scientists in the UK to design a spacecraft capable of counteracting the arrival of claims attack a giant asteroid that could cause a big disaster for the Earth.

The team from the British aerospace company EADS Astrium who designed this plane called "gravity tractor?. The plane was eventually oversees a threatening asteroid coming to then turn it before it hit the Earth.

gravity tractor

Gravity tractor to block the arrival of an asteroid from a distance of 160 feet from the surface of the Earth and then pushed into another direction. According to its designers, this aircraft will divert the asteroid so far 430 yards (approximately 0.39 kilometers).

Scientists then mentioned a comparison that the aircraft big enough to produce energy 100,000 times greater than the nuclear bombs the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Such information is quoted from the Daily Telegraph, Wednesday (2/9/2009).

"The asteroid was quickly rumbled around our solar system with a speed of approximately 10 km per second. By knowing the size of the velocity, we can create a balanced technology that could send him back so as not to hit the Earth," said one team of scientists, Ralph Cordey.

Space shuttle, scheduled to be rolled approximately 15 years, before the giant asteroid slammed into Earth, just as expected for this science. Based on NASA report, there are approximately 1068 foreign object in space that are suspected of being potentially dangerous asteroids Earth. (okezone.com)


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