Engineering giant snake photos Borneo finally revealed

February 2009, a photograph submitted by an unknown to the Telegraph newspaper in London. He admitted that he was a member of SAR team and was monitoring the flooding areas in Malaysia with a helicopter, he saw a giant snake was swimming in the river Baleh and immediately photographed. Then on February 20, 2009, the Telegraph published the photo with the title "Photograph shows 'giant snakes' lurking in Borneo River". The photos were quickly circulated on the Internet with great excitement. Not many know that these pictures turned out to be a clever trick. I call it smart because of London's Telegraph had just deceived.

First of all, a picture can be called a hoax if it meets two elements. The first is when there is someone who recognizes what he did fake photo. The second is that if found clear evidence that these photographs faked. If we would only call a photograph as a hoax without any clear basis, then it is an assumption. During the two elements above are not met, then a photograph will always be open to debate.

Back to the matter of photos, Telegraph just published the first photograph. The second photograph published by the Daily Mail, one of the major media in the UK, following the publication of the Telegraph. Its origin is not mentioned. Two photographs are equally indicate a giant snake, but taken at two different locations. The first picture is taken from a helicopter, showing a snake that was swimming along the river surrounded by forest.

Whereas the second photo shows the snakes were swimming close to the settlement residents. Both photos are taken in the river is considered the same and showed the same snake.

Actually do not need an expert to determine the authenticity of the photo. many irregularities, irregularities in sight. When first published, the question immediately posed by those who suspect their authenticity. Why only 1 photo of the helicopter? If a snake seen from a helicopter, then I'll take 100 photos, rather than 1 photo. The same is true for the second photo. Then, why do people who submit the photo does not want his identity known? If the photo is genuine, then certainly the photographer will become famous in the positive sense. Then why refuse to mention his identity? The answer is because these photos are hoaxes.

Another oddity that is, try to compare the two photos. Both photos are taken in the river is considered the same and showed the same snake. There's something odd. Have you ever played for the difference of the two images are similar? Take a look at the photo. The weird is RIVER WATER COLOR. The first picture shows the river water is black or dark green. The second photograph shows the color of muddy brown river. This shows two pictures are taken at RIVER TWO DIFFERENT.

Since the story accompanying the photo is a giant snake in the river Baleh, so I then browse google to find photos Baleh river which was photographed from above. After a few pages into google, I found it. This photo Baleh river from above. it's same bend, similar trees, but the water color is different.

However, the other evidence sufficient to close the case forever. An original photograph of the image is found to be fabricated on a website of the Congo, Africa. This is his picture. A stream without a snake in it.

This confirms the possibility that the first picture is not photo Baleh river. Photo above is a photograph of the river Congo in Africa. As for the second photograph, probably taken in the river was Baleh, who later engineered.

And this is the final blow to the Daily Mail. A second photograph published by the Daily Mail is one of the finalists of a photoshop contest in 2002 called "Cryptozoo 2" is sent by someone with the name "SilkenFairy". The title image is the "Snake!"

Until now, people who submit photos are not yet identified. But this picture elements meet hoax because there is clear evidence was found.

Actually I was quite surprised because London's Telegraph and the Daily Mail can be fooled, When I first saw these pictures, I just saw an engineering professional that is not photoshop, I've seen pictures of photoshop is much better than the second image.

source: xfile-enigma

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