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Falun Gong

Artist: "Painting a seizure of organs of Falun Gong followers' by Xiqiang Dong from the International Art Exhibition-Fine True Tolerance (

Washington - In a letter to President Barack Obama, July 8 and then, the members of the U.S. kongres Robert Andrews, a Democrat, and Chris Smith from the Republican Party asks President Obama to give diplomatic support both publicly and privately against the followers of Falun Gong practitioners persecuted in China.

"Our government has an obligation to speak to those who have violated fundamental human rights ." Contents of the letter.

On June 10, 1999, letter states, the Government of China "to form security forces outside the law, known as the 6-10 office." In addition, the letter said 6-10 office not only trying to make the followers of Falun Gong took off their beliefs, but also did the beating and torture.

According to Andrews and Smith, the activities of Falun Gong "Reflecting international practice - which is fundamental human rights, including freedom of thought, out opinion and believes."

In addition, two members of Congress are convinced that the only reason China's government banned the practice because of the political leader afraid of Falun Gong will become more popular than the Communist Party.

While two members of Congress are worried about a crisis involving China and the persecution of the spiritual movement, other critics away, it indicates they have agreed to the government of China takes human organs illegally.

Many Falun Gong followers who claimed the government of China are involved in forced organ harvesting of their colleagues.

Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa, was first introduced in China, 1992. A cultivation practices (processing) by performing a set of self-motion exercises to improve physical and mental health.

July 20th 1999 On government of China declared the practice illegal because some officials fear will be popularity beyond the state officials, because of practicing Falun Dafa is estimated between 70 to 100 million people.

Government officials issued orders to beat, torture and even kill the followers of Falun Gong, according to David Kilgour, Canadian lawyers who investigate cases of organ harvesting of Falun Gong followers by force.

Kilgour believes the organ trade is still conducted in China. Ten years ago, said he knows Kilguor Falun Gong movement when he witnessed a peaceful demonstration in Ottawa. At that time, he was outside the State Minister of Canada Asia Pacific affairs.

"Now I feel ashamed, I'm not taking this seriously enough at the time, partly because I have visited China and crimes against humanity do not believe this happened in the country by the government of Prime Minister Jean Chretein are concerned," he said.

Based on the findings in 2007, detailing the alleged incident occurred in the previous decade, Kilgour said he had reason for confidence in the organ harvesting continues. Report compiled with David Matas.

"According to the instructions we got from various sources from both inside and outside China, the organ trade still continues," he said. "Before the Feast of the Olympics, Chinese Medical Association (CMA) agreed with the World Medical Association forbids foreigners to transplant organs in China. However difficult it is unknown whether the agreement is observed as a foreigner with organs from China typically do not want to say about the source of their organs. "

Conclusion of the Kilgour-Matas report, "based on our investigation further, strengthens our conclusion that the allegations were true. We sure have happened and are still continuing, seizure of organs of Falun Gong followers in a large scale. "

The report also concluded, the government of China since 1999 has been "killed a large scale but it is unknown how the number of Falun Gong prisoners. Their vital organs, including kidneys, liver, heart and corneas deprived forced to sell at high prices, sometimes to foreigners, who normally wait long enough as a voluntary organ donor in their state. "

Dr. Torsten Trey, executive director of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH), a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, said many Falun Gong followers who in the execution because their organs are needed for the forced sale.

Although now illegal for "tourists" to accept an organ transplant in China, Trey said he believed there were still many patients who received China organs from Falun Gong prisoners. He explained there is no evidence supporting the charges, but in 2008 the United Nations has asked China to investigate the murder claims of Falun Gong followers for their organs.

Trey said that until about three years ago, seizure organs, or the removal of organs from someone who is not approved before he died, unknown to the general public.

"They take organs after death sentence [was done for the inmates]," he said.

In order organs, Trey said an executive execution one prisoner died giving a lethal dose of potassium. Potassium although how, will not damage the organs in the process of making.

For additional income, Trey said many hospitals would sell the organs of China between $ 60,000 - U.S. $ 100,000.

"In 2001, there was a drastic improvement from 'donations,' organs in China," said Trey. "There are about 20,000 transplants have been done and it puts China in the first or second in a transplant in the world."

Trey said that usually waited seven years to receive a transplant in the U.S., in China a patient only takes three to four weeks.

Eileen Dearly (42), said he had been tempted for a serious illness last year to illegally obtain organs.

"I know I will not have problems when receiving a kidney from another country because I need it," said a resident of Northern Ireland. "At that moment, because I was depressed, scared and do not believe in the future, I have received a kidney even if it was from another country. I when it does not have a moral dilemma with various issues such as consent and the origin of the organ. "

However, his views on these issues has changed drastically.

"While this reflects on the suffering of others has changed my view and if I need a transplant tomorrow, I will be more concerned about where the kidneys come from," Dealy said. "I will only receive a kidney that had been donated with full consent and voluntary."

Consulate General of PRC in New York have been contacted but declined to give comment. (sua)


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