Dead Sea Water Become Shallow

Dead Sea known as the lowest point on Earth's surface and contain the highest levels of salt, where the tourists can float away on the water, reading newspapers because the buoyancy is due to salt and biological chemistry.

However, as reported take it from Xinhua Ha'aretz daily reported on Thursday (3 / 9) mentioned, the Dead Sea water through faster depreciation in the last two years than the average depreciation during the last decade.

According to the data, shrinking Dead Sea water on the 1998-2007 average shrunk 98 inches per year, but last year was recorded depreciation reached 138 cm and August this year has dwindled to 113 cm, the newspaper said quoting official Israeli Water Management Board.

Last few years, the lake where the mixture from drying due to evaporation, reduced water and human activity. Meanwhile, the Israeli Government through the Regional Cooperation Minister Silvan Shalom of Israel on June proposed a massive project to Red Sea water flows into the Dead Sea.

However, the Jewish state's plan opposed many environmental activists. In fact, in a few years ago came up debate on a plan to pump water into the Mediterranean Sea the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is a lake that lies on the region between Israel, Palestinian Authority Region and Jordan at 417.5 meters below sea level and is the lowest point on the surface of the earth.

Because high levels of salt, the Dead Sea can not be inhabited by living creatures. Therefore it is called the Dead Sea. However, the results of research, there are several types of bacteria can live in here.


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what happend?

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