Culture Seppuku "Hara Kiri" Japan!!

Seppuku is ritual suicide outside Japan and more popular with the terms Harakiri, although in Japanese itself Harakiri terms considered harsh terms. Ritual Seppuku usually requires the active involvement of at least two people, one who would commit suicide and another was the best man (Kaishakunin) in charge of beheading people who do Seppuku. Only in the execution severed neck should not really broken, there must be meat that makes severed head remains attached to the body in difficult, therefore, the companion must master the sword, too.

Sepuku usually done with an elaborate ceremony. People who want to kill myself to take a shower clean, then wear white clothes, eat first, and only after that get ready to stab and slice begins. Sitting quietly with Tanto placed in front of him. Writing poetry first. Completed, the new stab Tanto then taken into the stomach a little to the left and then shifted to the right Tanto, the last upward slightly, so that the contents of his stomach out. Completed, the new act now turn to snatch Kaishakunin neck. Tanto been used and placed at the last dinner dishes.

Only coach to Seppuku only for people who the Seppuku to maintain honor. For example, if a Samurai was captured by the enemy, then an assistant would be assigned to beheaded. If samurai Samurai was stolen artisans, craftsmen corruption or other beans became a criminal .... yes no companion, left to die alone with the pain until the blood ran out.

Seppuku as punishment was officially abolished in 1873, soon after the Meiji Restoration, but voluntary Seppuku full up not dead. Hundreds of people known to perform Seppuku after abolition. Including some military members who committed suicide in 1895 in protest of China refused to return, after the death of Emperor Meiji. And more soldiers and the people who prefer to die rather than surrender at the end of World War II.

And as the impact of culture, the word 'seppuku' commonly used as a metaphor for a person to do "self-punishment" as a liability when making mistakes.
This ritual has been entrenched in Japan, so if someone made a mistake and commit suicide, then it is fine and is considered for effort to make amends. And I think this is a violent because every time someone (Japanese citizens) who do wrong, it will oriented to commit suicide, such as being forced by circumstances.


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