Cooking Oil So expensive? , Use Banana Skin..

The high price of kerosene subsidies
after removal , difficult groups of small industries and lower middle income people to get cheap fuel and practical. While gas has not fully considered able to reach people in remote areas.

Kulit pisang jangan dibuang bisa buat celaka, dibuat aja minyak goreng
Do not be discarded banana skin can make wretched, make a cooking oil

A group of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) offer a solution for the industry and lower middle income people to use the stove the bioethanol as an alternative to kerosene.

"In place of kerosene, stove the bioethanol is very relevant for people and lower middle industries who can not reach the use of gas stoves," said Head of Marketing SME producers of bioethanol stove built Rivai Indonesia Cooperative Council, in conversation with, in Jakarta, Sunday (6 / 9).

These stoves use bioethanol as a substitute for petroleum fuel. Raw material of bioethanol is processed from natural materials such as banana peels, cassava Genderuwo, pineapple skin, prasina, and sago. "Because of that stove the bioethanol is consistent with the spirit to preserve nature as it is a fuel that is environmentally friendly," added Rivai.
Compared to gasoline, bioethanol has more advantages. Stove the bioethanol can be used without using fuses. Too blue flame like a gas stove so more quickly and efficiently in cooking. "100 cc of bioethanol can be used to cook for 40 minutes. This means that with only one liter of bioethanol, the consumer can cook up to four hours, "said Rivai.

In addition, bioethanol stove was not easy to explode and more secure for its users. If the kerosene stove that will burn the light when drenched with water, but bioethanol it would die if doused water. "The use of bioethanol is also more efficient than two-thirds times kerosene," he added.

Regarding the price of bioethanol, Rivai said, per liter sold for Rp 6,000. "This price can actually cheaper if the government will give investment funds the development of this bioethanol," he said.

He added that the current bioethanol producers also began shooting down the middle as long as its market share is that the consumer of bioethanol is a small community such as the batik industry and knows the industry.

In fact, he said, had been outside the country, the use of bioethanol has been known as an alternative fuel for cooking is more environmentally friendly. "One of our export markets are Thailand who are familiar with bioethanol as an alternative fuel which is cheaper and environmentally friendly," he said. (BBC)

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