Borneo Island Most Secure From Earthquake

Board of Geology Department of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) states of the five major islands in the Indonesian island of Kalimantan, it is only safe from earthquake shocks.

Head of Geological Agency MEMR R Sukhyar express, free from the earthquake due to Borneo island region far from the center points tektonif earthquake and active interaction. Unlike the Sumatra and Java in the fault line.

"So parts of Indonesia's most secure yes Kalimantan," Sukhyar said in a press conference about the earthquake in MEMR Building, Jakarta, 8 September 2009.

However, he said, there is one area in Kalimantan, which likely affected by the earthquake, though small, namely East Kalimantan. Sukhyar also explained his side can not predict which areas are potentially another large earthquake.

"Obstacles do not know when a similar earthquake, magnitude and location are the same or not," he said.

The most likely way is to prevent a major impact on earthquake events, according to him, including disaster prevention to mitigate, socialization to people, buildings must meet safety standards and evacuation training.


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