Behind the Harry Potter Magic Spells

Wingardium Leviosa! Expelliarmus! Alohomora! Pengen know what the true meaning of magic spells in the world of Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter freaks would've know what will happen we reply brandishing a wand and shouted, "Avada Kedavra!". Or spell what to say we if wan open the locked door ( "Alohomora!"). But do not ever i think if J.K. Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, it did not make from a spell ? All the magic spells used at Hogwarts turns out there alias origin origins, which on average comes from the Latin.


This mantra is used to call the goods. "Accio glasses", and the glass would fly at you. And so on. The word 'Accio' was derived from the Latin meaning 'I called out. "

Avada Kedavra
The most evil spells that can kill your opponent. Harry Potter's parents died from this spell. In Aramaic, 'Avada Kedavra' means 'I will destroy as I speak'. It reads like a 'Abracadabra', which is an ancient spell of the second century which is often used to summon spirits and ask for protection.

This is also an evil spell used for torture. In Latin, 'Crucio' means 'I'm torturing'.

Expecto Patronum
Producing Patronus Charm, the only creatures that can drive dementors. Again, this mantra is taken from the Latin word 'expecto' which means 'wait / hope', and 'Patronus' which means 'protector'. So more or less expecto patronum it means 'wait for a protective'.

This nih mainstay Harry Potter spell when fighting. Its function is to release the wand from enemy hands. Derived from the Latin 'expellere' which means' out / off ', and' arma 'which means' guns. "


'Impedimenta' in Latin meaning 'barrier'. The spell used to create obstacles for the slow movement of the enemy.

'Lumos' means 'light'. This mantra is used to reply to our end of the wand like a candle burning.

'Sempra' comes from the word 'semper' which means 'always', while 'rictum' means the mouth / jaw open. Rictusempra was used to make enemies so constantly laughing.

This is just the opposite of rictusempra. The effect was not laughing, but the wounds, because in Latin, 'sectum' means 'hurt / injure'.

This is also one of the mantras that are often used during the war, because the effect is not hurt. Just make a confused and dazed wrote. Still reasonable, because in English, 'Stupefy' means 'daze'.

Wingardium Leviosa
This is one mantra that is taught at Hogwarts students in the first year. Its function is to create an object to be lifted in the air. Origin said the combination of English and Latin. Wingardium derived from the wing (in English) which means the wings, and arduus (Latin) which means the sky. While Leviosa comes from the Latin, levare, which means up / take.

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