Babies 6 Months, But Apparently She was 16 Years

Her name is Brooke Greenberg, a girl from Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Daughter of Howard and Mlanie Greenberg. Born in January, 16 years ago.
Although 16-year-old, Brooke has a physical as a normal baby was 6 months old, the weight of 16 pounds (7.3 kg) and height of 30 inches (76 cm).
Parts of the body that grow hair and nails only.

In the first 6 years, Brooke undergo a series of medical treatments. Brooke suffered from stomach ulcers, convulsions, and at the age of 5 years Brooke has a mass detected in the brain that caused him in a coma for 14 days. The doctors diagnosed he was suffering from a stroke.

Dr Richard Walker of the University of South Florida College of Medicine in Tampa reveal Brooke's body was not developed along with the coordination unit. He had been diagnosed with any symptoms of a genetic syndrome or a chromosomal abnormality that could help explain why the body is not aging. Meanwhile, Brooke's mental state of mind equivalent to the estimated age of 9 months.

Poor ya Gan. Ane sympathy for this one girl, who was also parents' tireless guns treating Brooke.


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