At 6 Small Instruments Musical in the World!

1. 2 micro-sized guitar

Nano guitar guitar titles from the very small size of 2 micrometers. This guitar was made by Dustin Carr and Harold Craighead of a student from Cornell University Nanofabrication faculty. And another unique among his guitar is 50 nanometers.

2. 4 millimeter sized keyboard

This mini keyboard is made by Sega Toys Co. in 2006 with a size of 4 millimeters or inches with 0:16 tones and 88 keys weighs 2.5 pounds.

3. Violin-sized 1.6-inch

Smallest Violi was created by Eric Meissner in 1973 and works well as with other musical instruments and unique tool is measuring approximately 1.6 inches or 4.1 cm

4. Harmonica-sized 1.9-inch

This little harp has only 5 cm long with a size sufficient to mouth blown and has a width of 1.5 cm. as small harp known as the "little lady" made in Germany in the 1890's.

5. Harp Measuring 150 atoms

Very unique harp with string spacing of 1 to 8 nanometers is able to produce a sound like the rest harps, and even has a strength of about 380 MHz frequency.

6. Saksopon measuring approximately 12 inches 30 inches

This smallest Saksopon with the name "picolo saksopon" with the size of about 12 cm and 30 cm high has approximately 13 inches.

source : kaskus

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