Ancient city of Chachapoyas, zamana Found

Ancient city of Chachapoyas, the ancient andes community, also called the country 'cloud people' who lost hundreds of years ago was found. The term 'cloud people' may have referred to the andes mountains full of jungle-covered forest is always a cloud. Life and culture of the ancient city that existed since the 9th century, until now m
compassion mystery and difficult because they do not reveal much about their leave records.

Despite missing without a trace for hundreds of years, but traces of civilization are now Chachapoyas city in northern Peru, is still to be found. Rows of statues of the sunrise overlooking the famous 'cloud warriors' stay standing until now. The statues symbolize the might of their communities in the past.

Karija site is built almost 1 millennia. Actually it is a grave, each statue represents a character was buried there. Maybe a way similar to the grave sites in soil Toraja, Sulawesi.

The statues were made of clay and plant matt where in it contains a mummy Chachapoya leaders. The unique position of the mummy's sculpture is very difficult to reach. Somehow the people at that time and place brought there. Because there is no way that can be accessed to the place.

how story of life in Chachapoya almost a mystery because it's very isolated. Chachapoya ancient in lost city , discovered in 2008 in the Amazon jungle, which is very isolated, the archaeological expedition team. The distance is about 500 km north-east of Lima.

Archaeological team found the fortresses of stone and the buildings located on the edge of a cliff, the remains of a wall that contains the paintings on the carving on the rocks. Maybe it was built to protect them from enemies.

Unfortunately, not many know about the existence of this ancient city. Just a little note about it, including about their culture that developed in the 9th century. In fact, the ancient city at the top level. Allegedly, the city at an altitude of deliberately developed for defense against enemies.

However, their fate became uncertain when the Inca empire is growing and they conquered 500 years ago. Although the Chachapoyas had hard fight, but the Inca power was unchallengeable. Luck came when the Spanish arrived in 1535. The remnants of Chachapoyas tribe sided with Spain to fight against the Incas. But then came the Europeans diseases, namely smallpox, which eliminate their populations.

The chronicler Pedro Cieza de León writes, those figures Chachapoyas white and handsome skinned, the women were beautiful, which is why many people make their wives Inca.

Grave of the people of this cloud in chullas, on cliff sides painted with a pointed roof, especially those found in the most impressive Revash But legacy of construction is Kuelap Chachapoyas, monumental fortress located 9500 meters above sea level. The building's exterior is protected by large rocks.

Kuelap is at about four hundred buildings that may be occupied by some 3,500 inhabitants. Compare this with the building of the Inca nation, a famous Manchu Picchu. This complex (Kuelap) shows that the Chachapoyas in 1000 years ago have been able to create something extraordinary.

Who knows, what else would be found in the interior andes amazon? All is still a mystery, as mysterious tribe Chachapoyas.slightly notes about whether the pessimism gives rise to uncover the story of 'cloud people' are.


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