Aliens Headquarters at the bottom of the lakes Russia ?

In July 2009, the Russian Government formally released a military secret documents about UFOs followed several other countries in the world. In his report, the Russian military said that a UFO or an alien was not known to frequently encountered in the waters.

Some of these reports mention the existence of the encounter with a creature of events is not known in some mysterious lake in the former Soviet region.

In fact, long before the Russian government released secret documents, there have been several reports from various eyewitnesses indicating an unknown creature in the lakes in the former Soviet region.

The earliest reports came in the early 1900s. At that time a group of young men were diving in a lake in Georgia where they found an underwater cave filled with skeletons. Strangely, each frame has an approximately three meters high.

Similar discoveries have occurred at a place named Issik Kul lake located north of the Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan, Russia is still around. When he heard the name Issik kul, we may soon pictured with a mysterious place from the episode of Lord of the ring.

But contrary to what impressed his haunted, the word is actually Issik kul "warm water". This name is given considering the unique characteristics available to him. Although he was surrounded by snowy hills, this lake never freezes.

In the 1930s, a man with some of his friends were exploring the caves around the lake Issik Kul. In one cave they found three skeletons, each ten feet high. The strange thing of this framework is not only height, but also found equipment from the bat wing-shaped silver used by each frame.

In other places, in the early 1990s, a man named D Povaliyayev was doing sports in the city of Hang Gliding Kavgolov, Leningrad. The city has several lakes. And he was in the top one. When he was floating above the lake, he saw the object such as the three giant fish was swimming in the lake.

She lowered altitude and could finally see clearly that these three objects were three swimmers with great body size and wearing a silver dress. This story later told in his book "Letuchi Golladets" or "Flying Dutchman" which was published in 1995.

This is apparently the testimonies of the witnesses was received confirmation from the Russian government. Military reports released to tell a similar incident in the lake Baikal. As is known, Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and is considered as one of the most mysterious lake in the world.

The tourists are often seen strange objects and lights float above the lake. According to the Russian naval documents, one day in 1982, the Russian navy was doing routine training dives in Baikal. At the time of exercise performed, the Russian divers saw strange objects that were swimming in the lake at a depth of 50 meters.

The objects turned out to ten silver clad swimmers. And the extraordinary, each swimmer has a height of about three meters and not visible to use any diving equipment.

Surprised by the situation, the commander immediately ordered the navy to capture at least one of these mysterious divers. Seven Russian divers immediately ordered to jump.

In this effort, the divers went into the level of extraordinary depth. But suddenly there was an invisible force pushing the Russian divers returned to the surface.

According to safety procedures, new divers emerged from the depths must be entered into the decompression room to adjust the air pressure in their bodies. Three Russian divers died from late in the decompression.

Until now, the identity of these giants is still a big question. Are they aliens who built a secret base in the bottom of the lakes ex-Soviet?

Interestingly again, the Nation Kyrgyzstan has a legend that tells of a city based on the lake, led by a king named Ossounes. Is this legend is based on a true story? Maybe we'll never know.


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