5 Most Spectacular Crater Lava World!

Lava 5 most spectacular in duniaAlam was as if no end to explore, nah i seek information from various sources found in this world there were 5 of the most spectacular Lava ever recorded and documented, craters lavanya really cool and nice but also dangerous high, my friend would know and recognize 5 spectacular crater in the world? yooo ~ ~ go read sob!

1. Nyiragongo, Republic of the Congo.
Nyiragongo Lava probably the most violent in the world caused by the Nyiragongo mountain activity and cause frequent eruptions of the volcano, formed from the cracks in the earth's crust which is a fractional part of the African plate. Nyiragongo is Stratovolcano, with towering peaks have deep main crater 250 m wide and 2 km. The main eruption began on January 17, 2002, which caused 500,000 people lost their homes and lavanya flow even in the city of Goma, which lies 20 km away.


2. Erta Ale, Ethiopia.
Erta Ale volcano with a crater 613 m-high lava, shield-shaped and isolated just above the East African Rift. Shield volcano get their name from a low angle profile that resembles a shield soldiers. Ethiopia Erta Ale volcano is the most active. Lava lake at the top and is the longest lava craters in the world and the oldest, as it has been present since the beginning of last century. Erta Ale is located in the Afar Depression, a desert area on the border to Eritrea. Volcano eruption last big issue on September 25, 2005.

erta ale

erta ale3

Below is a helicopter view, taken in February 1994, from the active lava lake. Red spots in the crater is a violation of lava through a solidified lava lake, black crust.

erta ale2
3. Kilauea, Hawaii
Kilauea is the youngest volcano and perhaps also one of the most active volcano is active, spewed lava continuously since January 3, 1983. No wonder then that there is a myth that is where the gods, because it is home Pele, Hawaiian god of volcano. He is one god who is angry when every community around the eruption he thinks in a bad mood. Kilauea ( "spit" in Hawaiian) is one of the five volcanoes that form the Hawaiian islands shield.


4. Mount Erebus, Antarctica.
Mount Erebus in Antarctica ulau Ross said as the expression "fire and ice". 3794 m high mountain is a volcano-type and issued Stratovolcano Last eruption in 2008 and still continue to occur. Mount Erebus is the southern part of the world's active volcanoes and is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a collection of more than 160 active volcanoes. Based on the so called Greek dea is a name of "Erebus" which means "darkness" and the Meru [T-Shirt will be the son of god.


5.Villarrica, Chile.
Compared with the previous lava lake, Villarrica's, has particularly long friends with a depth of 250 m and 100 m, is relatively small and may have further diminished since its peak activity in November 2004, when the climbers to the top of the volcano is Lava. Villarrica is a mountain with an altitude of 2847 m above sea level and is usually covered with snow and is one of the most active volcano in chile.


source: ad4msan

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