12 works of photography that became icons of the world at all times

Che Guevara
Alberto Korda photograph is known of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara, this work entitled 'Guerrilla Heroico' or 'Heroic Guerrilla' has become a symbol of the 20th century. This photo was taken at the time Che was attending a memorial service for victims of the explosion La Coubre. The drawing is estimated at 31-year-old Che and describes the character and fortitude now appears on T-shirts, tattoos, the walls around the world. Although as one of the most reproduced image in history, Korda, who berfaham Communists and supporters of the Cuban Revolution, said there was no payment for the picture. Image rights dispute now. However, this picture remains one of the icon image of the 20th century.

Iwo Jima

Flag raising on Iwo Jima is a historic photograph taken on February 23, 1945, by Joe Rosenthal. He took pictures of five U.S. soldiers and Marines U.S. Navy United States flag atop Mount Suribachi during the battle at Iwo Jima in World War II. Became the only photograph that won a Pulitzer Prize for Photography publication in the same year, and this photograph is seen in the United States as one of the most significant and recognizable as a picture of the war, and possibly the most reproduced images in all the time.

Battle of Gettysburg
The photograph was identical with the Battle of Gettysburg, the civil war the bloodiest in American. Photographer Timothy H. O'Sullivan documenting what is happening on the battlefield, and this picture became a sensation. For many people, this is their first opportunity to see the truth of what happened from the civil war, at that time. However, not until 40 years of the war is over, this picture is no longer mass produced. The photo shows a dead allied soldiers on the battlefield, and became icons in American history there.

Law depends Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith
Lawrence Beitler this photo was taken on August 7, 1930, shows a hanging to Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith. Thousand copies sold, within 10 days after the photograph was printed. This had become an icon for many years because it is one of the best and most recognizable of the hanging of the day was normal, but now only serves as a reminder of the oppression of human hak2 at that time. Photos are very popular this has become the inspiration for many poems and songs.

Famine in Sudan Sahara desert
This photo depicts a starving child in Sudan and will be the next patient vulture. This is a horrible picture, and show people what really happened, terrible to see the conditions in the Sahara Africa. Kevin Carter, who took the photo, won the Pulitzer Prize for this work. Kevin told the chronology of this photo shoot, comes with a lot of expense and time only for 20 minutes set up this camera to take pictures, rather than helping the child. Three months after taking photos, he committed suicide.

Hunger in Uganda
This photo illustrates the difference between the developed and developing countries. Mike Wells, the photographer, took this picture to show the hunger in Africa. He took for a magazine, and when they went 5 months the magazine does not print it, he decided to send him to a competition. However, Wells said that he was a winner in the competition with a picture of a starving child.

Most of the work of photography that became icons are the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer for their work, except for this photo.
This photograph is the work of photographer named Eddie Adams he was famous as a photographer who switched professions selebrties a Journalist photographer who has covered 13 wars. The most famous of his works is this picture, exsekusi Nguyễn Văn Nguyễn Glue by Ngoc Loan during the Vietnam War. Adams later apologized to Nguyen and his family on the impact of these photographs when he was still alive.

The young girl running naked and terrified into the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Nick Ut. This photograph became very popular as a symbol of horror of the Vietnam War, America is taken in the village bombed Trang Bang, Vietnam. But there are a lot of controversy over the events portrayed in the picture. The United States Government to claim that bombersnya nothing to do with this incident and on the other hand many derogatory and cornering forces of the United States. However, these images can make the drivers and motivators for mengahiri war in Vietnam and became an icon for the peace movement in the era of the 1970s.

Landed on the Moon
Perhaps the most talked about, debated and controversial in the history of photography, best manipulation techniques in photography ever made, and the speculation as a joke. They are in doubt about the authenticity of this photograph was wondering how could a fake. However, none of the allegations of manipulation that can be proved correct and the debate continues in some circles. For many people, these images can provide a sense of pride in accomplishment achieved by the human race to send humans to the moon, which for years has been regarded as impossible. Americans also put their national flag as a form of victory and pride to be the winner of what is called 'Space Race', and make them * United States as one of the remaining superpower.

People fall
"The Falling Man" is a photograph taken by Richard Drew at 9:41:15, on 11 September 2001 a man fell from the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks in New York City. People in photohraph remains unknown. This is just one of many pictures of people falling at the time of the attack.

People fall
On July 22, 1975, Stanley J. Forman is not known as a photographer working for the Boston Herald. He climbed on the back of a fire truck speeding at the time of receiving the report there was a fire in Marlborough Street. We arrived at the place along with other fire crews he photographed a young woman and the little girl fell from the apartment above. The young woman died instantly, but the little girl was still alive. With this picture Forman got the Pulitzer Prize, and in addition, the effect of this photograph the city government of Boston and several other cities for a more comprehensive introduction to the dangers of fire and law-making fire safety.

Tangk vs man
Often regarded as the most iconic images in history, 'human tangk' or 'no known rebels' show courage and challenged the act, making it famous. It happened during a protest in Tiananmen Square in Beijing on June 5, 1989, and later became a symbol of the end of the Cold War period, and these images becoming one of the most famous of the 20th century. Four men who claim to have taken photos of the event, but the most famous to reproduce these images are re Jeff Widener.


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