Wild boy 6 years old so a train museum director .... !

"I love the train and I could do this job" so pointon sam said that is currently the director of fun at the National Railway Museum New York ...

poiton sam 6th boy who comes from Leicester was written proposal to replace the position of Andrew scott who will soon retire.

sam said in writing that he has a train track and can run two trains at once ..

of thousands of letters received applications that have seen other sam ...

and in fact, the leadership of the museum, Andrew Scott, was so moved by the courage and sincerity Sam. Eventually led to Sam's offers a non-permanent position as director of the fun

"Sam's Letter of application it is fun to read. It was fantastic to see such a young child who was obsessed and smoothly powerful motivation to train, "said Andrew Scott argued receive dailymail Sam was quoted as saying on Saturday (22 / 8).

Next Sam was given the responsibility to make the ideas of activities that could attract children to visit museums York. And he also had managed to pass the idea to make a model railroad as a play area children.

sam who has two sisters are financing themselves and their families to attend a special tour organized museum that stores the history of railways for 400 years and has a home of more than 100 species of this train.

wah cool to 6 years old boy can get a job because of his obsession


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