whether the alien caught Google street view cameras?

March 2009, a strange figure of vague and ET caught like google street view camera in the bushes near Berkeley Heights in New Jersey. In the figure there is a vertical beam-shaped laser. Is the figure was an alien who was visiting the earth?

Some people claim that this is a concrete evidence of aliens already in the earth or are visiting the earth. Some longer assume that the figure was only a light effect that is created by mistake.

Creature "Alien" ET-shaped camera that was caught on Diamond Hill Road, a semi-rural area about 8 miles Morristown Municipal Airport, New Jersey, about 30 miles from the bustling New York.

Malcolm Robinson, the head of a research organization said that the strange phenomenon that the image was "the first of its kind". "If we examine closely, the resemblance to ET is very unusual, but it will be very difficult to determine with certainty whether the actual camera caught it." He said.

According to Malcolm, increase the strangeness of these images is a form of vertical beam laser besides creature. Malcolm confessed that he could not verify the identity of the existing light in the image.

However, whatever the camera caught it, aliens or not, it seems we can not deny the resemblance to ET. Interestingly, three months before these photos surfaced, local police busy with reports of flying objects unidentified flying over the area. The report mentioned that dozens of people witnessed strange five red lights moving slowly across the night sky.

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